Boost Store-Bought Hummus With a Dollop of Greek Yogurt

…the hummus issue — as in “Where would I find hummus in the suburbs?” — was very very real. Especially when it dominoed into similar disconcerting questions about pad thai, bagels, sushi, and…uh, soul mates. (This pros-and-cons business was a slippery slope, especially when crafted in a bout of insomnia in the middle of the night.)

If only I had known about Heidi’s Hummus Hack! I would’ve gotten a lot more sleep.

Source: The Hummus Hack

I didn’t think making hummus was that involved to get premade.  Canned garbanzo beans/chickpeas would serve as soaked if you didn’t prep.

But strained garbanzos, Greek yogurt and seasoning could make a healthy, quick lunch/meal.