Teach Yourself to Love a New Food by Adding a Dash of Fat, Sugar, or Salt

A lot of times, people ask me how to acquire a taste because they want to learn how to like kale—or, even more commonly, they want to find out how to get their kids to like healthy foods. The truth is that we’re not genetically predisposed to dislike certain foods. In fact, we’re predisposed to like the majority of them (with the exceptions being bitter and ammoniated things because they can be hallmarks of spoilage or something that’s not necessarily safe). The problem comes with the messages our culture gives us about certain foods.

Source: Andrew Zimmern Explains How to Acquire a Taste

“Acquired taste” is the Stockholm syndrome of food 😉

I think it’s important to understand why you’d seek to acquire a taste.  I think it’s good to try, but also to be able to accept that if you don’t enjoy it?  Try something else.  It’s possible you’ll find what you like along the way.