3,000-Year-Old Female Mummy Was Covered in Hidden Tattoos

Covered in more than 30 tattoos of flowers, animals, and sacred symbols, this 3,000-year-old mummy is one of the most unusual that archaeologist Anne Austin has ever seen. Though other mummies have been found with abstract markings like dots tattooed on their skin, no one had ever seen figurative drawings like these. Austin and her colleagues were stunned. The mummy, found in a village called Deir el-Medina, was once a woman who proudly inked sacred wadjet eyes on her neck, shoulders, and back, lotus blossoms on her hips, and cows on her arm. Her village was home to artisans who worked in the nearby Valley of the Kings, where they would have carved elaborate sculptures and inscriptions for pharaohs and gods.

Source: 3,000-year-old female mummy was covered in hidden tattoos

So, rather than Tramp Stamp… Sphinx Inks?

Kidding aside, I wonder what led to the process of making a tattoo?  Because of the pain, I’d have to think it originally was punishment.