For Treatment-Resistant Depression, Magic Mushroom Drug Holds Promise

Mushrooms turn out to be power-ups in real life, too.

Psilocybin, the psychedelic compound in ‘magic’ mushrooms, may be an effective way to treat depression in patients that have seen no benefit from other, standard forms of treatment, early results suggest.

In a pilot study involving just 12 people with treatment-resistant depression, two doses of the mushroom compound cleared symptoms in eight participants—67 percent—after one week. After three months and no other doses, seven participants still reported reduced depressive symptoms, including five—42 percent—who reported complete remission of their depression.

Source: For treatment-resistant depression, magic mushroom drug holds promise

I wish the sample size was bigger, to lend more validity to the study.  But you have to start small.  Going big at the start could result to lots of lawsuits.