An Extreme Method for Improving Your Habits

I suck at a lot of things: Trying to get too much done in a day. Working out regularly. Keeping my closet clean. I try to get better but change is hard no matter how much you want to. Especially for the things you suck at.

Source: An Extreme Method for Improving Your Habits

This line in the article stood out to me:

“I was feeling only slightly better than average most days. This is no way to live.”

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you should be feeling about average most days, that’s kind of what average means (assuming a whole bunch of pointless caveats, you know what I mean). If you are disappointed in only feeling “above average most days” then you seem to have two problems.

  1. What you think of as average is actually slightly below average, those “most days” that you are feeling “slightly better than average”, those are actually your average days.
  2. You think that feeling average is bad when it is really the default state.