Make the Best Crust for the Type of Pie You’re Making

The road to pie perfection is paved in pitfalls, and I’ve fallen in a lot of them throughout my baking career. When it comes to a single-crust pie, it’s important to first weight the naked crust with pie weights, rice, or dried beans and baking it (called “blind-baking”). Then, uncover and bake it some more—that ensures nary a soggy bottom. But getting the crust to just the right color depends on the type of filling you’re adding. Use our pie crust spectrum to determine how far to take it, and when enough color is enough.

Source: The One Pie-Making Step You Should Never Skip

Q: What do you recommend for pie crusts made out of graham crackers or oreos?

For graham cracker or cookie based crusts – you gotta go with the King.

As much as I love Oreos (some might remember a previous rant), they really don’t work well as a crust base. The cookie itself does though, which is why many recipes and I recommend chocolate wafer cookies in their stead. Although, certain Oreos do make for an amazing Grasshopper pie.