What’s the Difference Between All These Running Apps?

A lot has changed since we picked our favorite running apps a few years ago. Now there are tons of apps that save your stats in the cloud and let you share runs with your Facebook friends, but they’re each different enough you might have a hard time picking the right one for you. Here’s how to choose.

Source: What’s the Difference Between All These Running Apps?

I used to run with apps but eventually I stopped. The problems I had:

  1. Social Features are awful if you’re just starting out, and awful if you’re a really great runner because you make others feel bad. There’s literally no scenario in the world where I’d walk up to my friends or family that don’t run, and start telling them what a great 12 minute pace I kept today! I didn’t use them.
  2. Added time. I had to spend 1-2 minutes prior to a run setting up an app so that I could get out the door. It became too much of a hassle.
  3. “Requirement” rather than “for fun”. Running used to be fun but when I started logging my runs I felt an urge to go further or to run again that week if I didn’t feel like it. If I ran an 8 minute pace one day and a 8:30 pace the next, I’d feel horrible.