Found: An 1844 Recipe for Maybe ‘Aphrodisiac’ Sorbet

Summer approaches, and you could probably go for an icy treat. Why not try a recently rediscovered 1844 recipe for sorbet possibly designed to put you in the mood for love? All you need is some kitchen staples plus ambergris, or—if you’re out—“the glandular secretions of a muskrat.”

Source: Found: An 1844 Recipe for Maybe ‘Aphrodisiac’ Sorbet

Who has ambergris?!

It’s like finding out someone’s favorite ice cream flavor was oyster.

Make the Best Crust for the Type of Pie You’re Making

The road to pie perfection is paved in pitfalls, and I’ve fallen in a lot of them throughout my baking career. When it comes to a single-crust pie, it’s important to first weight the naked crust with pie weights, rice, or dried beans and baking it (called “blind-baking”). Then, uncover and bake it some more—that ensures nary a soggy bottom. But getting the crust to just the right color depends on the type of filling you’re adding. Use our pie crust spectrum to determine how far to take it, and when enough color is enough.

Source: The One Pie-Making Step You Should Never Skip

Q: What do you recommend for pie crusts made out of graham crackers or oreos?

For graham cracker or cookie based crusts – you gotta go with the King.

As much as I love Oreos (some might remember a previous rant), they really don’t work well as a crust base. The cookie itself does though, which is why many recipes and I recommend chocolate wafer cookies in their stead. Although, certain Oreos do make for an amazing Grasshopper pie.

Get The Sweet Nuttiness of Caramel Without Melting Sugar

Want to know something crazy? Sugar doesn’t melt; it undergoes thermal decomposition. That may sound like a pedantic distinction, considering we’ve all watched sugar effectively melt into a pool of caramel atop crème brûlée, but the implications are huge—worthy of far more explanation than a mere tl;dr.

Source: How to Make Rich, Flavorful Caramel Without Melting Sugar

This also makes your morning coffee, if you are the type that disturbs the holy sanctity of the black gift of the gods by adding anything to it, amazing flavor.

Make These Delicious Frozen Desserts Without an Ice Cream Maker

The weather is warming and my thoughts have turned towards ice cream. There’s something extra satisfying about whipping up your own frosty treats, but not everyone has an ice cream machine. Let’s run through a few of our favorite frozen desserts that you can make without any special equipment.

Source: Make These Delicious Frozen Desserts Without an Ice Cream Maker

One thing about American condensed milk is that it tends to taste of weird plastic – I think from the heat of pre-canning. Latin American condensed milk didn’t use to taste this way but with manufacturing changes it just might, I no longer know what’s what.  But I think that Vietnamese condensed milk, if you can get it (Amazon carries it), is the one that still tastes great and not plasticky at all.

Semifreddo. There are a billion recipes out there but the easiest is 1 pint heavy cream whipped to sitff peaks. Fold in 1 jar of lemon curd a bit at a time.. Pour into a saran wrap lined loaf pan. Cover tightly with more saran and freeze.To serve: remove from pan, slice and nom-nom-nom.

New York’s Trendiest New Dessert Looks Like a Breast Implant

The newest food trend to sweep New York City looks like a tit.

It’s actually supposed to look like a droplet of water, according to creator Darren Wong, who has named his new fad the Raindrop Cake. The gelatinous half-orb is “inspired by” a Japanese dessert called Mizu Shingen Mochi—it’s made of water and gelatin and is served over brown sugar and kinako, or roasted soy flour. For now, it is only available on weekends at the Brooklyn festival of needless edible inventions, Smorgasburg.

Source: New York’s Trendiest New Dessert Looks Like a Breast Implant

Someone was actually talking about this on Deadspin day and they said it tasted like water flavored jello and nothing else. It actually sounds about as tasty as eating a breast implant.

Why Your Recipe Calls for Cocoa Powder Instead of Chocolate

From deep, rich cakes and cookies, to brownies and other treats, the ingredient that brings some of your favorite chocolate desserts to life might not be what you expect. Instead of chocolate, these sweets often start with a hearty dose of cocoa powder. But do you know why?

Source: This Is Why Your Recipe Uses Cocoa Powder Instead of Chocolate

If Ruth Wakefield of the Toll House Inn had known that, we’d never have the chocolate chip cookie.  Well maybe we would, but I bet Nestle would be making a lot less money from chocolate chips.

Alton Brown Makes a Gallon of Carbonated Ice Cream in 10 Seconds Flat

Food Network star Alton Brown is about to start on his second national culinary variety show, the Eat Your Science tour. As he prepares to embark on his journey, he invited Popular Science to his secret workshop to see the Mega Bake and the Jet Cream, the stars of his first national tour, the Edible Inevitable tour.

Remember the good old days of egg creams? There’s just something about carbonation and ice cream that goes so well together. Brown has found a way to create carbonated ice cream using fire extinguishers and office water coolers, and it only takes 10 seconds to make. Behold, the Jet Cream.

Source: Alton Brown’s Jet Cream

There’s a video on that link, tad less than 5 minutes long.

I’ve seen him a couple times. Maybe 3-4 years ago we sat in the third row and I got a bit of frozen blueberry on my shirt when he did something similar with a smoothie and co2. The people right up front were given ponchos and they got covered.

He does a good live show. Even threw some shade on a couple Food Network personalities.

Creative and Delicious Ways to Repurpose “Extra” Easter Candy

Easter has passed and the bunny has come and gone, but the candy remains. You may have some leftovers, or you may—in your infinite wisdom—have hit up the clearance aisle to stock up on peanut butter eggs and hollow chocolate rabbits. Either way, here are some of the most delicious things you can do with your sweet haul besides just eating it.

Source: Creative and Delicious Ways to Repurpose “Extra” Easter Candy

Smores using a Cadbury Creme Egg and a Peep… 😀

Presenter for Great British Bake Off Spinoff Can’t Eat Cakes Due to Low-Carb Diet

What is your vision of hell? My vision of hell is being selected as a presenter for a TV baking competition and being unable to taste the desserts because I’m stuck on a low-carb diet.

Source: Presenter for Great British Bake Off Spinoff Can’t Eat Cakes Due to Low-Carb Diet

The Great British Bakeoff is amazing. I’ve been binging it all week, watching Series 6. The only season on Netflix is PBS season 1, UK series 5, and the next season to come to Netflix will be PBS season 2, UK series 4 (weird, right?). So I’m watching all the ones around that so that I can binge on Netflix properly when the next season gets uploaded.