10 Pasta Sauces to Freeze for Later

What do you call a fake noodle?  An impasta.

Dinner nirvana is what happens when you walk in the door, all tired from work, and just a few minutes later you’re snuggled up at the dinner table with a hot, saucy plate of pasta and a glass of red wine. With a little foresight and the help of your freezer, this weeknight heaven can be enjoyed any time you like.

All it takes is a double batch of pasta sauce, next time you cook one up. Eat half now and freeze the other half for later. Here are 10 recipes for delicious, freezable pasta sauces to help you achieve this weeknight heaven in a bowl.

Source: 10 Pasta Sauces to Freeze For Easy Weeknight Meals


Chicken: Bacon Wrapped, Stuffed

Yes, it’s as good as it sounds!  It’s not Cordon Bleu because the meat isn’t breaded.

I’m serving mine with mashed sweet potatoes and salad (various lettuce and a little carrot, cherry tomatoes, and corn).  The wine pairing rule is like to like, so white wine.  This is an evening meal, so the bacon would probably go with a red.  There are some basic things that you should do and know to drink beer/wine/scotch properly, but don’t be intimidated by people who list off reams of data and info, trying to prove how much they know. Alcohol is for one thing above all else; enjoyment.

Here’s the recipe – bon appetit!