The Best Way to Poach Salmon Is With a Cold Start

I started my work on this article by asking a simple question: Is it better to poach or steam salmon when you want to gently cook it? I had my test set up: two pots, one full of a court bouillon—an acidic and aromatic poaching liquid traditionally used for seafood—and the other with water and a steamer insert. I was just about to bring both pots to a simmer before adding the fish, when I realized I’d asked the wrong question. Instead of comparing traditional poaching to steaming, I should have been comparing cold-start poaching to steaming.

Source: The Best Way to Poach Salmon

Make Almost Any Boring Protein Into a Delicious Meal by “Piccata-ing” it

A whole bunch of us grew up eating chicken piccata at Italian-American restaurants with our parents, or at least I did, preceded by an entire serving of fried calamari, and breadsticks too. I’d eat every last little swipe of sauce, excited at how it made the back of my tongue water, at how smooth it felt, at how it draped itself over long strips of pasta. It’s a thrilling sauce. Even more thrilling is the fact that you can use it on any protein that goes well with lemon and wine. (Even tofu and chickpeas!)

Source: How to Piccata Anything

This would work with a number of standard chicken dishes, just apply the sauce to whatever other meat you’re eating, even hot dogs and hamburgers.

You Think You Like Salmon Because of a Fish Industry Lie

Hey, you, what’s your favorite fish? Oh, salmon, that’s cool. Except that “salmon” may not have been what you think it was at all. So what was it?

Source: You Think You Like Salmon Because of a Fish Industry Lie

One indication of “salmon” is the colour – farmed salmon needs to be dyed to show as pink.  Also be aware of the mercury levels in various fish.

Make Fried Fish Cakes with Leftover Rice

Everyone loves a rich, creamy risotto. But big, pricey bags of special arborio and carnaroli rice take up precious pantry space, and unless you’re making enough risotto for an army, you’re going to have leftover grains. So we asked a panel of pro chefs from around the country for other ways to make your way through your risotto rice—beyond risotto.

Source: Hey Chef, What Else Can I Do with Risotto Rice?

“leftover salmon”?  I understand these words individually, but not when placed in this order… 😉

I can be bought with rainbow/steelhead trout.

What Really Happens When Male Seahorses Are Pregnant

A male seahorse gets pregnant when his mate deposits her as-yet-unfertilized eggs into a pouch on his belly. He fertilizes them, then carries the developing embryos until they’re ready to feed themselves. At which point he forcefully shoots them into the world.

Source: What Really Happens When Male Seahorses Are Pregnant

The female produces the eggs, the male produces the sperm; the fact that the producer of the sperm carries the young is irrelevant, the eggs are larger and the male’s sperm decides the gender of the offspring, as is the case for most vertebrates.

Albacore Tuna Has Way Too Much Mercury for Kids’ Sandwiches

If tuna sandwiches are your go-to choice for school lunches, you may be putting your child at risk for ingesting too much mercury, a toxin that can damage the brain and nervous system. And knowing how much tuna is too much is more important than ever, given recent evidence indicating that mercury levels in tuna are on the rise.

Source: Who’s Minding the Mercury in Your Child’s Tuna Sandwich?

Brought to you by Big Salmon 😉

Rid Your Kitchen of Seafood Smells with This Aromatic Tea

Theories on how to eliminate the smell of fish (#fishsmell) from your kitchen abound. There are those awful aerosol air fresheners, sickly scented candles, and of course there’s always the option of saying screw it and moving into a new home.

But there’s an easier, less dramatic way: #fishsmell tea.

Source: The Quick Shortcut to a Better Smelling Kitchen

Ugh, reminds me of the time my father had kippers.  If I’d only known then, what I know now…

Stop Taking Fish Oil Pills

The market for fish oil supplements is worth $1.2 billion annually, and you know what? It’s full of shit.

I mean that literally and figuratively. The side effects of taking dietary fish oil include anything from nosebleeds to diarrhea. But you’ve been told for years that the precious omega-3 fatty acids in these supplements can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Many labels will also tell you that taking fish pills boost your brain function and prevent cognitive decline. The only problem is that an increasing number of clinical studies say that these claims just aren’t true.

Source: Stop Taking Fish Oil Pills

I’d originally preferred natural sources to supplements.  In the last year, research have reinforced this is a wise idea.  Some supplements are known to cause [prostate] cancer, but muscle building supplements have not been linked conclusively to cancer.  Some supplements contain an amphetamine-like substance, while others have asparagus and lies.  Business – the reality of making a profit – is largely to blame.  It’s not like natural sources aren’t at risk either – farmed salmon are dyed pink.

Use Leftover Corn Husks to Bake or Grill Perfectly Juicy Fish

Even in my adulthood, I continued the shuck-and-discard routine, only keeping the husks on if I grill. But recently I realized how wasteful I’ve been, and — as if I trashed a pair of jeans after one wear — I’ve been tossing out a valuable culinary ingredient every time I undressed my corn.

If you’ve ever eaten a traditional tamale, then you’ve experienced the cooking power of corn husks. But what about other dishes? You can add washed corn husks to your stock pot for extra-woody flavor, which could be nice in a mushroom soup or corn chowder. Or like a tamale, use those husks as a wrapper for sticky rice in place of lotus leaves. But let’s take it one step further and use them for both their flavor and wrapping abilities by placing some seasoned fish inside, like en papillote, and throw the whole thing on the grill.

…One ear of corn will yield about six to eight usable husks, give or take, so plan accordingly for how you will use the husks and how much fish you will be cooking.

Source: Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Corn Husks

Or use banana leaves…

Sunlight and Body Heat Make Vitamin D Inside Your Skin

Many people don’t get enough vitamin D in their food. They still get enough vitamin D, because ultraviolet radiation creates it—usually.

Source: Sunlight and Body Heat Make Vitamin D Inside Your Skin

If you’re as fair-skinned as the average northern European, you only need about 20 minutes per day.  All you have to show is an area of skin about the size of your face.

Without vitamin D from sunlight exposure, lactose assists with the use of calcium. So, cultures with easy access to leafy greens plus sunlight or fish, calcium is taken care of and milk has no advantage. Cultures without access to leafy greens, sunlight or seafood need dairy either as a source of calcium, lactose, or both.  You can read more about it in a previous post.