Use Overripe Strawberries to Make Strange Springy Risotto

Although I never see strawberry risotto on Roman menus anymore, it was all the rage in the 80s. Its fifteen minutes of fame has long since expired, but I still love it.

Source: The Most Wonderfully Unusual Strawberry Risotto

The cookbook “Almost Vegetarian” by Diana Shaw (out of print and used copies are available for cheap on Amazon) has a recipe for a sweet strawberry risotto that I’ve made a few times, that uses fresh strawberries and strawberry yogurt as a flavor base. It’s delicious, a strawberry rice pudding, basically.

I’ve seen lemon risotto, apple risotto, etc. I’m told grape risotto is actually a traditional Tuscan dish and not some nouvelle cuisine abomination. I may try it sometime.

Find a Perfectly Ripe Pear by Pushing On the Stem End

We’re heading into fall fruit season, and while I’m not much of an apple person, I welcome pears with open arms. I’m not too picky about which varieties either — any and all, including those delicate Asian pears, are absolutely delicious to me.

I grew up believing that the best pears came in gift boxes around the holidays, and while those expensive pears are amazing, I learned that I can pick good ones out at the store myself instead. With a little know-how, you too can choose and ripen pears to perfection!

Source: The Best Way to Choose, Store, and Ripen Pears

The problem with pears is that ideal ripeness is so short. Even Time Lords understand this.

Roast Your Fruit First for More Flavorful Salsas and Chutneys

When you think about salsa, it’s easy to jump to the classic tomato-based version. But with warmer weather (and a new selection of fresh produce) on the horizon, why not expand your options with a few brighter, bolder, sweeter flavors? Just don’t forget the chips.

Source: Tomato-Free Zone: A Template for Building 4-Ingredient Fruit Salsas

Make Homemade Mandarin-Style Orange Slices With Pectinase

Hey who was that mandarin I saw you with last night?

That was no mandarin, that was a ukulele.

—Milton Berle …I think

Q: Could it be used to prep for candied orange peels?

Usually the steps are brief boil in water, boil (or soak) in syrup, then allow to air dry. You actually want a tiny amount of pith on the rind since you are going to battle against solid sugar and possibly chocolate.

Turn Apple Peels Into a Tasty, Sweet Snack in Minutes

One of the things that made flying cross-country with a toddler a bit more bearable was the free snacks handed out on the airplane. These little bags of treats helped maintain both my blood sugar level and acted as bribes to keep my daughter from roaming the airplane cabin.

My favorite discovery in the basket of snacks was cinnamon-sugar pretzel bites. Sweet and a tiny bit savory, these pretzel bites were addicting but really weren’t the healthiest option. What if I could take the same concept and make a healthier snack instead? Thus roasted cinnamon-sugar apple peels were born!

Source: Did You Know You Can Turn Apple Peels into a Delicious Snack?

Careful not to have to find out you’re allergic to cinnamon 😉

There’s also “apple bark”, which was basically.. this recipe from Martha’s site, with a little bit of nutmeg?

The Kitchn has another good write up from a while back about other things you can do with apple peels. In the fall, when we go apple picking and make about 400 million pies, I save some peels and make a potpourri.

Three Spring Alliums That Really Ramp Up the Flavor

Spring has sprung, and it brings with it all sorts of delicious alliums. From the uber-popular ramp to sweet and coy green garlic, these onion-adjacent plant parts bring fresh, savory flavors to everything they touch.

Source: Three Spring Alliums That Really Ramp Up the Flavor

Scapes stir fry well alongside Fiddlehead ferns, since neither need a particularly long time on heat to really blossom. Maybe a sweet pepper and OH! Shrimp! And some little bits of chicken breast.. and maybe the tiniest amount of tamari to stick it together with some good noodles…

Know that leeks are high in vitamin K.

Bake Healthier Banana Bread by Adding Avocado

Banana bread—it can be a sugar bomb thinly disguised as healthy food, or an energizing breakfast or snack that helps fuel your day.

We set out to make the latter, a loaf that’s grain free for the Paleos, contains no refined sugar, and is chock full of healthy fats to keep you sated and make your skin glow. Our secret ingredient? Avocados. They give this loaf a moist texture and tons of fiber and nutrients.

This bread by itself isn’t sweet like traditional banana bread. If you want it to taste like a treat, fold some mini dark chocolate chips into the batter, or slather a slice with a chocolate nut butter spread like Nocciolata or Justin’s Chocolate-Hazelnut Butter, or some all-fruit jam. If you prefer a slice on the savory side, eat it on its own or spread on a bit of butter or cream cheese.

Source: How to Make Energizing Banana Bread with Avocados

Pro tip: Mash your bananas and soak them in a cup of strong, black, coffee for about an hour before you get started. Then pour the whole thing into your batter, and compensate by removing the equal amount of liquid from other ingredients—usually milk or water. You will not be disappointed.

Microwave Potatoes Before Frying for Perfect Texture

…after almost 6 years of trial and error, I’ve finally figured out how to make really good fried potatoes.

Source: How to Make Really Good Fried Potatoes

It’s important that the potatoes are cooked when you eat it, since hard potatoes are no fun. I boil my potatoes before making home fries, though I wonder if people do it for french fries.

Patient Develops an Allergy to Kiwis Following Surgery

A 46-year-old man who underwent a bone marrow transplant has suddenly contracted an allergy to kiwi fruit. Scientists say it’s the first evidence that allergies can be carried to a patient from a donor’s stem cells.

Source: Patient Develops an Allergy to Kiwis Following Surgery

That’s awful! They’re tasty AND adorable!  The fruit too 🙂