Why You Shouldn’t Grind Up Nuts Fresh From the Oven

Obviously you know not to toss a food processor blade into a sinkful of soapy water (uhh, you do know that right?), but there are a few less-obvious ways you may be screwing up your food processor game. Make sure you’re not committing these crimes, and you’ll be chopping, dicing, and pesto-ing to your heart’s content in no time.

Source: It Is Very Possible You Are Making These 6 Food Processor Common Mistakes

When I need to grind/chop up nuts, fruits or anything else, I will stick them in the freezer for a little bit. It seems to help eliminate the creation of a that pasty/butter like stuff which makes it easier to clean the food processor.

This goes for blenders as well, but for most things.. add liquids to the bowl first.

Peanut Allergy Theory Backed Up by New Research

The effects of eating peanut products as a baby to avoid the risk of allergy have been backed up by new research.

In 2015, a study claimed early exposure to peanut products could cut the risk of allergy by 80%.

Now researchers say “long-lasting” allergy protection can be sustained – even when the snacks are later avoided for a year.

Source: Peanut allergy theory backed up by new research

There was an absolutely fascinating article in New Scientist about 10 years go (can’t find it now) about how food allergies varied with geography. From what I recall peanut allergies were very rare in Southern European countries, but incidents of apple allergy were really high.

There was another article that found that areas where rates of parasitic infection are highest have the lowest rates of food allergies; and areas with the highest rates of food allergies have the lowest rates of parasitic infection. They hypothesized that parasites’ ability to remain in the body while avoiding being detected by the immune system may be connected to food allergies, and may suggest possible means of treating food allergies. Fascinating stuff…

Have Granola Whenever You Please With This Super Quick Stove Top Recipe

The only drawback to homemade granola (superior to store-bought, on all counts, in my book) is finding the foresight to make large batches of it in advance. Maybe it’s just me, but my motivation for making anything is pretty closely tied to how soon I’m going to scarf it down.

Source: The Shortcut to Homemade Granola

The basic sequence of events is this: Add your fat and sweetener to your pan over medium-low heat and blend until everything is nice and liquid. Add in the grains and a pinch of salt and toast until golden (8-10 minutes). Mix in whatever nuts and seeds you like and cook for another couple of minutes. Transfer to a baking sheet and sprinkle with your favorite spices (or toasted coconut and chocolate chips!) and let cool for 5-10 minutes. Break it up and throw it in some yogurt or milk and you have a tasty homemade breakfast.  Or anytime snack; granola shouldn’t be confined to the morning.

Homemade Sports Nutrition is Easier Than You Might Think

Walk into any bike shop and you’ll be hit by the vast number of different sports foods and supplements that are available to you. Leaf through a cycling magazine and the adverts for nutrition products are plentiful. These sports foods often provide good quality nutrients in a convenient and, most importantly for cyclists, speedy way.

Source: Homemade sports nutrition is easier than you might think

Things get a little dubious towards the end, with suggesting cola/soda/soda pop or fruit juice for that matter.  Fruit juice if you use a juicer – sure, but the stuff on the shelf at the grocery store has a lot of sugar.

The homemade gel is interesting and vegan.  But test before a race, or on a race where the result doesn’t matter as much.  It gets very personal about what works for someone – some I’ve ridden with can’t do gels at all, it needs to be blocks.  Nothing sucks more than an upset stomach in a race, so don’t take the chance.

Top Wintry Soups with Granola for Crunchy, Nutty Goodness

With the right toppings, the humble soup gets some extra texture, flavors, and finesse. You can take the most plain Jane vegetables and in a transition fit for My Fair Lady, transform them into a classy dinner soup.

Source: 9 Toppings to Make Your Soup Pop

For wintry favorites like butternut squash, pumpkin, or a creamy coconut curry – the nutty, slightly sweet granola is beyond complementary.  Bu if you’re weirded out by the sweet factor, try toasted nuts. They have a similar, though savory, effect.

I’ve covered how to make spicy/hot honey for those interested.  And how much vitamin K there is in yogurt (including Greek).

Three Ingredients That Can Take Any Dish from Boring to Flavorful

… “Take your dish to the next level simply by finishing it off with one, two, or three of the following: citrus zest, fresh herbs, and lightly toasted nuts or seeds.” If you always have these basic, relatively inexpensive, and easy to find ingredients on hand, you can upgrade any dish instantly. “You can do one, two, or all three things at once. All three is really going to flavortown,” she says. Ready to head to flavortown? Here how

Source: 3 Ingredients That Will Improve Any Dish

Not sure what zest is exactly, vs rind? Check this post.

My big three: MSG, Cajun seasoning, garlic salt 😉

Actually, garlic is something I’ll add to just about anything. Eat enough, you’ll smell better.  The study said so…

Why We Should All Be Eating The Seeds In Avocados

If avocados weren’t already healthy enough – not to mention insanely trendy in the food world – they’ve just got even better.

According to health nuts, instead of carefully scraping out the soft green bit and chucking it on your salad you should eat the seed in the centre of the fruit, too.

Source: Why We Should All Be Eating The Seeds In Avocados

…except that there’s basically no nutritional value mentioned in the article.  I can’t find anything about the avocado stone nutrition that I’d trust, be aware that there is vitamin K in various nuts/seeds.  So be careful if you decide to incorporate this into your diet.  I recommend being consistent in how much you consume, and how often between INR tests.

Next issue is the reality of how to consume the avocado seed/stone/pit/whatever you call it.  You can’t bite into it – some I can’t get a pairing knife into.  Most recommend preparing the pit by smashing it with a hammer (using a vice might be less messy and frustrating) before putting it in a food processor.  Be aware that every source is still stating that the food processor blade will likely be damaged…  Much as I would like to make use of what’s been waste to date, this isn’t very accommodating for something that is biodegradable.

How to Make Your Own Bitters for a Signature Stamp on Every Cocktail

Any bar worth its rimming salt should be stocked with at least a couple of bottles of bitters. Sure, you can make a cocktail without them, but you can also roast a chicken without salt or pepper. Like these everyday seasonings, cocktail bitters add flavor and depth to almost any beverage, and making your own allows you to put a unique stamp on every cocktail you serve.

I urge you to think of bitters as a sort of “cocktail spice rack”, and to think of every cocktail as a choose-your-own-adventure type of situation. Homemade bitters are so easy to make (you just throw stuff in jars) that there’s no reason not to have a bottle to suit each and every one of your whims. Plus, they make great, super thoughtful gifts. (It’s September, everyone, which means it is just about time to start stressing about the holidays.)

Source: How to Make Your Own Bitters for a Signature Stamp on Every Cocktail

No matter how good you think they would be, never try to eat the fruit soaked for bitters. 😉

If you find yourself at a bar unable to afford decent bourbon (or the well sludge is on happy hour) ask for a splash of aromatic bitters with your drink. Turns a really crappy bourbon into a mediocre-to-poor bourbon, and they’ll never upcharge you for it.

Stop Taking Fish Oil Pills

The market for fish oil supplements is worth $1.2 billion annually, and you know what? It’s full of shit.

I mean that literally and figuratively. The side effects of taking dietary fish oil include anything from nosebleeds to diarrhea. But you’ve been told for years that the precious omega-3 fatty acids in these supplements can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Many labels will also tell you that taking fish pills boost your brain function and prevent cognitive decline. The only problem is that an increasing number of clinical studies say that these claims just aren’t true.

Source: Stop Taking Fish Oil Pills

I’d originally preferred natural sources to supplements.  In the last year, research have reinforced this is a wise idea.  Some supplements are known to cause [prostate] cancer, but muscle building supplements have not been linked conclusively to cancer.  Some supplements contain an amphetamine-like substance, while others have asparagus and lies.  Business – the reality of making a profit – is largely to blame.  It’s not like natural sources aren’t at risk either – farmed salmon are dyed pink.