Add Semolina Flour to Pasta Water for an Extra Creamy Sauce

The days of drowning a plate of naked pasta in endless ladles of sauce should, in theory, be long gone. You’re probably already tossing your freshly drained pasta in a pot with just enough of your sauce to lightly coat the noodles. You might even be tossing the pasta and sauce in a warm skillet with a few spoonfuls of pasta water to help make the sauce extra clingy and silky. But why stop there?

After all, since it’s the pasta water’s starch that helps make the sauce so silky, why not increase the starchiness of that pasta water even more? Tossing a heaping handful of semolina flour (the same flour that dried pasta is made from) into the pot before dropping in your pasta will make your pasta water way starchier than it would be otherwise. Add a few spoonfuls of this super-charged pasta water to your pan of pasta and sauce, and restaurant-caliber silkiness will be yours.

Source: The Trick That Makes Every Plate of Pasta More Luscious

At first read, I thought it was “salmonella”…

A Recipe for Your Hangover Michelada That’s Impossible to Screw Up

It’s morning. Probably. You’re disoriented, the inside of your mouth has been replaced by ass-flavored shellac, and somehow it’s 87 degrees at 10 a.m. The full weight of last night will soon come rushing back to you, and you need enough hair of the dog to qualify as taxidermy in order to steel yourself against the impending nausea.

Source: A Recipe for Your Hangover Michelada That’s Impossible to Screw Up

You’re probably thinking “All you need is bloody mary mix, and a beer”…

Bloody Mary mix will work in a pinch, but “all you need” is a stretch. That’s sort of like saying that cooking dinner is a waste of time because Hungry Man salisbury steaks exist.

Roast Your Fruit First for More Flavorful Salsas and Chutneys

When you think about salsa, it’s easy to jump to the classic tomato-based version. But with warmer weather (and a new selection of fresh produce) on the horizon, why not expand your options with a few brighter, bolder, sweeter flavors? Just don’t forget the chips.

Source: Tomato-Free Zone: A Template for Building 4-Ingredient Fruit Salsas

How to Sous Vide Your Own Medical Marijuana Edibles

If there is one thing an immersion circulator is good for, it is infusions. The precise temperature of the water bath gives you greater control over your results, and allows you to basically “fix it and forget it.” This is good for extracting all kinds of things, but today we’re going to extract some THC.

Source: How to Sous Vide Your Own Medical Marijuana Edibles

Q: Would the caramel set? If so you could make chocolate salted caramel shortbread with it.

It’s not that kind of sauce, sadly.

You might be able to thin it out with a little additional liquid and then reduce it to get the viscosity you’d want for a confectionary glaze/sauce to “set”, but removing anything additional liquid through reduction is likely to further intensify the already intense THC.

Make a 3-Minute, 3-Ingredient Caramel Sauce in Your Microwave

This easy recipe gives you caramel sauce anytime you want it. Use it to make our Gooey Chocolate Microwave Mug Cake, or drizzle over ice cream, pancakes, or into your morning mug of coffee.

Source: 3-Ingredient Microwave Caramel Sauce

Why would you start with unsalted butter, only to add salt?  Control.  Consistency.  There’s no guarantee the right amount of salt is in the salted butter.

Mix Italian Dressing with Barbecue Sauce for the Perfect Marinade for Any Meat

My father never cooked a meat without some kind of marinade. He always used a slew of ingredients: salt, pepper, Season-All, Cajun seasoning, vinegar, olive oil, liquid smoke, Worcestershire, hot sauce, onions, lemons… I’m pretty sure this isn’t a complete list, but I’ve honestly forgotten the rest! It always tasted amazing, but the long list of ingredients was definitely a detriment whenever replicating the marinade.

One day, we were out of vinegar and he asked me to grab some Italian dressing instead; I was surprised when I couldn’t taste the difference despite the substitution. The same thing happened when he substituted barbecue sauce instead of liquid smoke… and that’s when the wheels in my head started turning. Using these two ingredients, I would be able to create something close to my father’s famous marinade—with far less hassle and only two ingredients!

Source: These Two Items Make the Only Meat Marinade You’ll Ever Need

The easiest way in the world to bake chicken is literally just put the chicken in a pyrex, dump a bunch of Italian dressing on it, and put it in the oven.

I was dubious about how this could work for so many types of meat, but the article explains the different marinating ratios. I’ll have to try this at my next cookout, which should be soon given the fair weather we’ve been having.

Transform Soft Cheeses Into Dressing or Dipping Sauce With This Template

The secret to transforming your favorite soft cheese into a salad dressing is your blender. You can use a regular blender, a fancy high-speed blender like a Vitamix or Blendtec, or a handheld immersion blender. All three get the job done, so the choice is yours.

Source: A Template for Turning Any Creamy Cheese into a Quick Dressing

That sounds like a lot of work when I can just dip in the melted cheese …or just pour said melted cheese straight into my mouth.

What about hard cheese? Get some sodium citrate.

Save Almost-Expired Milk From The Trash by Making Milk Jam

Long before Dan Barber led the charge on the food-waste crusade, line cooks have been scrappy about using every last scrap (hello, profit margin). Now it’s time you stopped throwing away half of what’s in your vegetable drawer. We asked Abra Berens, the chef at Stock in Chicago (a café that, because of its location inside a produce market, specializes in making deliciousness from on-the-verge ingredients), to teach you how to make something lovely from the wilty, frosty depths of your fridge and freezer. Below, Berens shares more ways to save.

Source: Don’t You Dare Throw Out that Wilty Lettuce

FYI: Organic milk is ultra-pasteurized, giving it a longer shelf life (because it tends to stay on the shelf longer). The only reason I know this is because the ultra pasteurization means you can’t make cheese with it.

Anyone Can Make This Two-Ingredient Butter Sauce

This past summer I had the opportunity to step behind the doors of a restaurant kitchen. This is a place I don’t venture often, but when I do get the chance to sneak inside, I am eager to grasp onto any little chef’s trick or tip I may come across in this uncharted territory.

And on this particular occasion, I hit gold. The chef was preparing baby potatoes for our dinner that evening. While I’d most likely roast them whole with olive oil and garlic, he instead dropped them into a pot of creamy, pale yellow liquid where they’d be poached. That liquid wasn’t broth or a funny-colored water: it was beurre monté.

Source: The Secret 2-Ingredient Butter Sauce You Need to Know About

I’d suggest using stock instead of water. For extra flavour.