Blueberries with Yogurt

Blueberries are popular/trendy for health, but need to stress that blueberries is a very good source of vitamin K (1 cup provides ~30% Daily Value).   I would not recommend making this recipe a daily/regular habit, unless you don’t have to be concerned with vitamin K.  The recipe might be accessible for diabetics.

With the berries frozen, the minimal yogurt tends to freeze when stirred in.  So you get yogurt covered blueberries, that thaw a little while you prepare.  It tends to get sweeter (depending on the quality of blueberries) as you get to the bottom.

Serves 1.

Health Information


  • Bowl


  • Blueberries: 1 to 1.5 cups, frozen
  • Yogurt: 6 tspoons, Greek or otherwise
  • Sugar: Can be omitted based on sweetness of yogurt


Food Preparation

  1. Freeze blueberries, if not already frozen


  1. Add blueberries to bowl
  2. Add yogurt to blueberries, stir in
  3. Add sugar to taste/preference
  4. Serve


  • Add glaze to get even closer to a blueberry pie (sans crust)


  • Adapted from co-worker