Study: How Family May Be Making Their Kids Fat

When it comes to obesity, people often blame overeating and a lack of exercise. But your family also plays a big role in whether you’ll become overweight, according to a new study published in the journal Preventive Medicine.

Source: How Your Family May Be Making You Fat

The findings weren’t surprising to me.  For adults, it provides some insight into how we came to be what we are.  But these are circumstances beyond our ability as children to be able to do anything about.  There’s no value in blaming our parents.

The article is however a reminder of our ability to influence the young and impressionable.  You might not be a parent, but you can still be a role model.

Pizza: The Silent Child Killer

Eh. Worth it. Pizza > children

No matter how you slice it, American kids are eating too much pizza.

That’s according to a new study from the Illinois Prevention Research Center, which found that pizza is the second-highest source of calories for kids ages 2 to 18. No. 1 was grain desserts like cookies and donuts.

The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found that on days that kids and teens eat pizza, they take in much higher amounts of calories, fat and sodium than the days they don’t. And a full fifth of children and adolescents eat pizza on any given day.

Source: U.S. youth eating too much pizza: study

Fat?  As in the stuff we’ve found has no correlation with fat in the blood stream… Same story for sodium – no connection to heart problems.  Kids tend to be more active, so they likely need the sodium.

Stupid metrics aside, the assumption is that pizza is store bought.  There is a choice to toppings – you can certainly make a healthy pizza.  “Healthy pizza” is not an oxymoron…