How to Turn Agave Into Tequila

Q: Where’s the worm?

Mezcal has the worm. While being the same as tequila, it can’t legally be called Tequila unless it’s made in one of the 5 special states in Mexico. Same reason you can’t call Champagne, Champagne unless it’s from Champagne. It’s just “sparkling wine”.

The “worm” (actually a caterpillar) was added just for fun.  Some places add other odd things, like toes or fingers (not kidding) – you get in trouble if you swallow them in some cases because they’re reused.

Recipe: Guaca-Mousse

I have to give credit for this recipe to foodbycamilla’s Banana and Avocado Chocolate mousse

My co-workers are to thank for the name.  I called it as it was – vegan chocolate mousse, which turned out to be vegan chocolate banana mousse.  When co-workers learnt about the ingredients, it was initially dubbed “choco-mole”, but the reverse is more accurate.

Dessert doesn’t get much simpler than this – add to food processor, blend until smooth.  Chill for at least an hour before serving.  I had most of the ingredients onhand, and had co-workers who couldn’t/wouldn’t partake in the Lego jello I made earlier in the week.

Here’s the recipe.  I did double the recipe, let it chill overnight before serving at work.  I was worried no one would like it, but it was gone once word got out.

Forgive me, I’m still chuckling at the name… 🙂