These Fast Food Options Can Fit Even a Healthy Eating Plan

It’s great that fast food chains have detailed nutritional information for all to reference, but the issue is that these charts are often deliberately buried on websites and can be cumbersome to read. One blogger has compiled a master list of the “best” fast food options from major chains, with their macronutrient values, for our convenience.

Source: These Fast Food Options Can Fit Even a Healthy Eating Plan

It happens – you get stuck somewhere, can’t get what you need.  It’s OK to have a cheat meal, or “fail” on your diet occasionally – there can be benefits.

The Best Wine Pairings for Girl Scout Cookies, Tested

‘Tis the season for Girl Scout cookies, and everyone’s buzzing about a new guide from the folks behind the Vivino wine app, suggesting 12 wines to pair with 12 different types of Girl Scout cookies. Really? We were skeptical, so Gizmodo actually drank wine with Thin Mints and Trefoils. For you.

Source: The Best Wine Pairings for Girl Scout Cookies, Tested

Is there a girl scout badge for wine pairings?

Consider Your Drinking Now, Not Later, If You’re Trying to Get Pregnant

There’s a good idea buried in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent bungled message about alcohol and pregnancy: Women are typically pregnant for at least a few weeks before they know it. So if you’re trying to get pregnant, you may want to start thinking about your alcohol intake now.

Source: Consider Your Drinking Now, Not Later, If You’re Trying to Get Pregnant

There seems to be a lot of anecdotal evidence being thrown around like “my wife drank like a fish right before we found out she was pregnant and my kid’s fine.”

Yeah… that’s all well and good. However, your kid doesn’t have to be drooling on themselves to have a neurological deficiency. Just playing devil’s advocate, maybe your kid could have been more intelligent or you haven’t figured out some deficiency. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know, but the CDC seems to think it could be harmful.

Artificially Sweetened: How Politics Massaged the Science in the New Dietary Guidelines

The [US] federal government just released a new set of dietary guidelines, and as always, they’re a work of both science and politics. They include controversial changes: for instance, sugar now has a limit, and cholesterol does not. Here’s your guide to what’s new, what isn’t, and where the experts disagree.

Source: Artificially Sweetened: How Politics Massaged the Science in the New Dietary Guidelines

I know of not one person who actually gives any credance to what the fools at the USDA say. Certainly not enough to measurably change their diets.  But school lunches, WIC, and military meals are based on this. Dieticians base their advice off the guidelines. And media of all kinds is full of news about how people should be paying more attention to the new cholesterol and sugar guidelines.

Do we all go and look up exactly how many cups of vegetables we should be eating? No. But they do have a major effect on what the country eats.  After all, if everybody ignored the guidelines, industry wouldn’t be so eager to influence them.

Calorie Conscious Alcohol Drinks: How to Imbibe Without Breaking Your Caloric Limitations

To get technical: The higher the alcohol content, the less calories you’ll end up taking in since you’ll get drunk much much faster.  So beer is the worst option, and Everclear or pure alcohol is the best.  Vodka is just as good as Everclear because it’s basically grain alcohol diluted with water.

Alcohol has 7 calories per gram.  So 100 mL of something with more alcohol content in it will have more calories.   If you’re drinking beer over liquor, you’ll end up consuming more calories. If we’re strictly talking pure liquor (no mixers, etc), then it’s not going to make a difference what you drink really. Clear alcohols like Vodka, Gin, and Everclear will have less calories than, say, Rum, but even then you’re talking the difference of maybe 30-40 calories a shot?  However 40% ABV rum has pretty much the same amount of calories per shot as 40% ABV vodka or gin (maybe +/- 3 calories per shot). The % ABV is the main determiner of how many calories will be in a shot of hard alcohol – see here. This isn’t true if you are drinking something like Malibu or some sort of liqueur which has a lot of added sugars and stuff, but for things like Captain Morgan or Maker’s Mark, it will be.

You’re reading it in his voice, aren’t you?

Keep in mind to make sure you have enough to eat beforehand within your caloric limits or something to snack on during. You can try to cut calories all you want with your choice of drink, but what’s stopping piss-drunk you from grabbing fast food at 3 AM – undoing all that calorie-cutting effort?

Study Claims Vegetarians Secretly Eat Meat While Drunk

According to a recent study, vegetarians have confessed to eating meat after a night of drinking. VoucherCodesPro, a UK-based discount code provider, conducted a survey of more than 1,700 British vegetarians who revealed they chow down on meat when they drink too much alcohol. Don’t tell Morrissey about this!

Source: Study Claims Vegetarians Secretly Eat Meat While Drunk

It depends on how strict a vegetarian you are.  Some stuff like soup might’ve been made with chicken stock, etc.  I know some who ask the server, and make choices accordingly.  Personally, aside from morals – the world is not going to end.  I respect it, but have a hard time putting vegetarianism on the same level as those who have serious allergies/risk of anaphylactic shock.  Or in my case – thrombosis (clots are only on the outside of the body) to drastically increase risk of heart attack, stroke, aneurysm.

Easily Upgrade Leftovers With a Simple Pan Sauce Recipe

Your pan should already have a tablespoon or so of fat in it (leftover from browning your meat); if it doesn’t, supplement with olive oil. Now add an aromatic or two to the pan: A couple of smashed garlic cloves or a sliced shallot; a sturdy fresh herb, like thyme or rosemary. Give them a few minutes over gentle heat so they release their flavors.

Source: How to Make a Simple Pan Sauce

This is essentially making a gravy for your leftovers, which is a straightforward enough idea, but I like that this recipe is so simple and quick, and you can make it straight from the pan after reheating left over food.

Study: Breast Implants Linked with Suicide

Loren Lipworth of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Tennessee and colleagues followed up on 3,527 Swedish women who had cosmetic breast implant surgery between 1965 and 1993. They looked at death certificates to analyze causes of death among women with breast implants.

Only 24 of the women had committed suicide after an average of 19 years, but this worked out to triple the risk compared to the average population, they reported. Doctors who perform cosmetic breast surgery may want to monitor patients closely or screen them for suicide risk, Lipworth said.

Women with breast implants also had a tripled risk of death from alcohol and drug use.

Source: Breast implants linked with suicide in study

Considering how sensational the headline is, I really wanted to point out the details of the study.  The end of the article mentions that cosmetic breast implant surgery was the second most common cosmetic procedure (behind liposuction) in 2006.  But it doesn’t mention how common the procedure was within the timespan that was looked at, which would provide some insight into acceptance within our culture.  I don’t remember people discussing fake vs natural until the late 80s or early 90s, and it was the silicone ban that really brought the surgery into the public view.  Then there’s the fact that the statistic is based on 24 out of 3,547 women committing suicide…

These days, some girls are getting face and/or breast augmentation surgery for graduation presents.  And it’s not a North American thing either – South Korea in particular, it’s widely accepted that cosmetic surgery is in a girls future.  The rest of us get by on tricks and better bras.

I had to explain once to a co-worker why cosmetic surgery was better than a TV.  He did not comprehend that cosmetic surgery was an investment in yourself, and while cosmetic surgery isn’t common for guys now – it likely will be in the future.  I wonder when we’re going to stop telling our kids that we should not “judge a book by its cover” when we have so much evidence to support that attractive people are treated better.

There Are Four Types of Drunks, Says Science

Alcohol has different effects on us all and, according to a new report, many can be put into four categories after enjoying that glass of wine or pint of beer.

Psychologists have identified four different types of drunk people: the Hemingway, the Nutty Professor, the Mary Poppins and the Mr Hyde.

Source: An irresponsible Mr Hyde or a caring Mary Poppins: What sort of drinker are you?

If “Mr Hydes” made up 23% of the drinkers – two thirds of which were female…  When you’re that bad, they call you Mr?  364 people isn’t the smallest sample, but still not worth painting any gender related implications.  I thought Hemingway meant depressive…

There’s not a lot to the article, not even a break down of how many men vs women in the sample.