Scientists Grew a Rat Limb in the Lab

IT MIGHT look like an amputated rat forelimb, but the photo above is of something much more exciting: the limb has been grown in the lab from living cells. It may go down in history as the first step to creating real, biologically functional limbs for amputees.

Source: World’s first biolimb: Rat forelimb grown in the lab

Awesome, they’re leveraging the approach used to grow lungs.  They’ve got issues to address, like circulation and nerves…  But I count that has problems they’d probably like to have 😉

The possibility of a natural limb means no need for immuno-suppression drugs, no need for powering, no degradation of the body where the limb attaches/anchors…  This is seriously good news for amputees.

This Hybrid “Knork” Utensil Was Also An Important Medical Invention

Knife, fork, spoon: This is the holy trinity of silverware and (while the occasional spork may jostle for inclusion), in general, these are all you’re likely to see. There is, however, another hybrid utensil you may not know: The Knork. And its creation owes as much to modern medicine as to dining habits.

Source: This Hybrid “Knork” Utensil Was Also An Important Medical Invention

It makes a lot of sense when you read who it was created for.  Even today, there’s people who could make use of it.  I’d say more, but I don’t want to spoil the reason for the invention.