If You’re a Mosquito Magnet, Blame Your Parents

It’s not just popular imagination: mosquitoes bite some people more than others. We don’t really understand why, but a recent paper in PLOS One suggests that genes could play a role in the attraction.

Source: If you’re a mosquito magnet, blame your parents

Good stuff for Mothers day 🙂

Stainless Steel: Erases Aroma of Garlic, Onion

If you love cooking with garlic, you know it does a lot of good in recipes by helping build flavor — but its strong odor can linger for hours, especially on our hands. We’ve all been in the situation where after preparing a wonderful meal, we’re left with the stench of garlic on our fingers — yuck! There are a few tricks people often recommend to eliminate the smell: lemon juice or vinegar, rubbing your hands with salt, or even using toothpaste! But those don’t work — all they do is mask the garlic smell. So what does really work? Stainless steel.

Stainless steel, of all things, has been shown to remove the odor of garlic. Kitchen gadget companies have even created stainless steel bars shaped like soap for removing kitchen smells from your hands. But using any stainless steel surface works, too. Try your stainless steel kitchen sink or faucet — just hold your hands under cold running water while rubbing the stainless steel for 10 seconds. Voila, the smell will be gone.

Let’s explain why stainless steel works.

Source: Why Stainless Steel Erases Garlic’s Aroma

It works, but not for the reason the article supplies.  Sulfur does not react with water, even at elevated temperatures.  And sulfuric acid is odorless (provided you don’t consider the burning an odor), and sulfur is also inert with regards to steel. Whoever wrote that doesn’t science very well.


  • If you have a stainless steel sink, just rub your hands on that.
  • For fish, wash your hands with spearmint tooth paste.