Was Beethoven’s Music Literally Heartfelt?

Could it be that when Ludwig van Beethoven composed some of the greatest masterpieces of all time that he was quite literally following his heart?

The striking rhythms found in some of Beethoven’s most famous works may have been inspired by his own heartbeat, says a team of researchers from the University of Michigan and University of Washington that includes a cardiologist, medical historian, and musicologist.

Source: Was Beethoven’s music literally heartfelt?

Not the first article about people investigating heart rhythm impact

Drink 10 Cans Of Soda Per Day for One Month Results

It’s not news that soda is bad for us. But it is jarring to witness the physical effects drinking too much of it has on our waistlines.

Following in the body-hacking footsteps of Morgan Spurlock — the “Super Size Me” filmmaker who in 2004 ate three McDonald’s meals for 30 days straight — Prior began guzzling down ten 12-ounce cans of Coca Cola daily for one month to see how the whopping dose of added sugar would affect his healthy physique. He documented it all on his website, 10 Cokes A Day.

Source: This Is What Happens When You Drink 10 Cans Of Soda Per Day for One Month

That’s about 1 US gallon/3.5 L a day.

While the focus was weight gain, I’m more concerned about actual health because drinking large quantities of soda pop has led to developing heart arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).  Drinking soda pop was found to really deplete blood potassium levels.  There’s also documented risk of stroke…  And that’s besides the recent news about telomere shortening.

Fitness and health is more than just body fat.