Halifax Zoologist: Rainbow Lobster Catches Exaggerated by Social Media

Lobster catches across the Maritimes this season have, despite the odds, proven to be very colourful.

Four blue lobsters, a yellow and an albino lobster have all been caught in the last two weeks.

While chances of catching a yellow lobster are ten times less frequent than blue ones, the odds of catching an albino lobster are one in 100 million.

Source: Rainbow lobster catches exaggerated by social media, says Halifax zoologist

Lobster used to be cheap – here’s why that changed.  Whatever the colour, you can make lobster butter with the shell afterwards.

Farmed Salmon Is Dyed From Gray To Pink So Consumers Won’t Freak Out

They could always bring back the old gem: “Guaranteed not to go pink in the can”.

So distinctive is salmon’s orangey-pink hue that Crayola named a crayon after it. It’s an accurate representation of the flesh of wild salmon, but not that of farmed salmon, whose meat is naturally gray. Or at least, it would be, if salmon farmers didn’t spike their artificial diet with pink-ifying pellets.

…Thanks to a 2003 lawsuit, they have to alert customers to the fact of “added” coloring.

Source: The Costliest Part of Feeding Farmed Salmon: A Pill That Turns Them Pink

The more disheartening part of the article is how the farmed salmon provide less nutritional value.  But given the fact of the colour from diet vs pill, it’s not entirely surprising.