New nonsurgical weight-loss treatment curbs hunger, melts away pounds

Battling bulge can often be a frustrating fight—with tedious calorie counting, rigorous exercise regimens, and invasive and expensive stomach-shrinking surgeries. But a new method to offload the flab promises to be a quick and simple treatment that cuts cravings and leads to sustainable weight loss.

The non-surgical procedure works using tiny, injectable beads that restrict blood flow to the part of the stomach that releases the hunger-sparking hormone, ghrelin. In a pilot clinical trial with seven severely obese patients, the method successfully curbed hunger and trimmed an average of 13.3 percent of excess weight after six months.

Source: New nonsurgical weight-loss treatment curbs hunger, melts away pounds

Given that the treatment involves obstructing blood vessels to restrict blood flow, it will be interesting to see how many people who could benefit from this would actually be eligible. Healthy circulation in the morbidly obese is not something you can take for granted!

I’d also want to know about the long-term effects of this, particularly the likelihood of the beads getting dislodged and clogging blood vessels they’re not supposed to.

Curious about the FDA approved AstraZeneca’s approach in 2014?  Leptin doesn’t work, since it’s too easily overcome.  The drug also has very nasty side effects, including diabetes and lymphoma. It is really only supposed to be used by people who have a congenital Leptin deficiency. Providers must go through special training to be able to prescribe the drug.