What’s the Best Way to Clean a Red Wine Stain?

Nothing stops a party in its tracks like spilling a glass of red wine on white clothing. Everyone clamors for their go-to method of cleaning the stain before it sets. Seltzer! Salt! Incantations! But do any of them actually work? Today we test a few commonly suggested methods for cleaning red wine.

Source: What’s the Best Way to Clean a Red Wine Stain?

The correct answer is OxiClean. Red wine drinkers know this is the only thing that will save your ass when you dump a glass of red wine on your carpet or white shirt.

Peel a Tomatillo in Ten Seconds with Boiling Water

This might be a-peeling to some 😉

GREAT! Now how do I get water to boil in 10 seconds?  This works with tomatoes and potatoes, but you need to score them first.

I actually like peeling them by hand, nothing fancy. It leaves your fingers slightly sticky—a strange stickiness that adheres to the papery coating of garlic but not the clove itself. So if you sequence your cooking so prepping garlic comes right after peeling tomatillos, you’re golden.

Quick Pickle Pretty Much Anything with One Simple Ratio

Ask me what I’d do with nearly any summer vegetable, and the answer is almost always the same: “Pickle it.” Yellow squash, pickle it. Green beans, pickle them. Cherries, pickle those too. It’s hard to beat the sharp tang and crisp snap of a good quick pickle, a fast and easy process that leaves them tasting of summer.

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I’ll have to make room by eating the oven roasted peppers I did a while back…

Substitute Onions for Shallots with a Bit of Boiling Water

Admittedly, shallots used to be more difficult to source in the days when MTAOFC was first published, and so finding a substitute may have had a greater sense of urgency back then. I’m happy to say that these days I can pick them up at my local Trader Joe’s, so they’re almost always on hand.

Still, it’s possible to run out or to find yourself in the kitchen with no shallot in sight. What to do?

Source: The Best Tip You Probably Missed in Mastering the Art of French Cooking

If you find most onions to be too strong in flavour, soak raw onions in cold water if you want to take some of the bite off.