Clean Re-Usable Water Bottles with Baking Soda and Chlorine Bleach

Anyone who regularly uses the same water bottles several times a week – runners, cyclists, hikers, athletes, or any general person-on-the-go that likes to stay hydrated – can attest: they can get nasty. Even if nothing but water and ice ever go in, the crud can still build up, and non-H2O fluids like sports drink or add-ins make the taste, odor, and junk even worse.

 The common-sense solution here is to use a bottle brush. Which will work, if you do it after every use and start with a perfectly clean bottle, and then rinse and dry thoroughly every time. But if the gunk has built up, or your hydration system uses any squeeze tops, bladders, tube, bite valves, etc, there’s more than just the bottle cavity to clean.

Source: How To: A Guaranteed Way to Deep Clean Your Water Bottle

I needed this article – I haven’t made much headway on the gunk that’s accumulated in the water bottle I use for cycling.  I have a different water bottle for chocolate milk, which doesn’t take long to smell bad.

Freezer Hack for Power Outages

Lifted from Bite Size Typs:

  1. Get a clear plastic container (IE: soda/pop bottle)
  2. Add some pebbles/small rocks – 1 cm/0.5 inches worth
  3. Add water to cover the rocks
  4. Freeze
  5. Invert/Turn the container upside down and leave it in the freezer

Check the container – if rocks are visible at the bottom (top if it were right side up), the freezer lost power for long enough to be concerned about food spoilage.

Bite Size Typs suggests using a mason jar, but the glass is thicker than a soda/pop bottle where the heat transfer would be faster.