Stop Drinking Bottled Water

There are few things on this planet I hate more than bottled water. Just the crinkling sound of someone wrapping their mouth around one of those squeaky garbage accordions fills me with rage. I stopped drinking it a long time ago—and you should stop drinking it, too.

Source: Stop Drinking Bottled Water

Where the water comes from is different per geographic area.  I knew of one case where the water was coming from Calgary, Alberta, Canada… and it was grey water.  Don’t care how much filtering you do…

This Video Debunks 10 Misconceptions About Your Favorite Beverages

To be clear – tap water is more heavily regulated than bottled water, and the presenter makes sure to say that the actual water quality depends on location (obviously Flint and WV are outliers).

Lettuce Is the Bottled Water of Produce

Another day, another story about what we should consume when confronted with a water-scarce future. On today’s chopping block: Lettuce, should you eat it? Let us begin with this provocative statement: A head of iceberg contains the same amount of water as a bottle of Evian, it’s wrapped in lots of plastic, and shipping it around the world is just as awful for the environment.

Source: Lettuce Is the Bottled Water of Produce

The darker the green, the more nutritious it is. This holds true all the way up until Kale, which is wholly inedible and not fit for human consumption. You will actually lose calories eating it, because uncontrollable vomiting is an energy intensive activity.