Industry: World Is Running Out of Chocolate

Because of disease, drought, rapacious new markets and the displacement of cacao by more-productive crops such as corn and rubber, demand is expected to outstrip supply by an additional 1 million tons every decade for the foreseeable future. Here, now, as you read these words, the world is running out of chocolate, Bloomberg Pursuits will report in its Holiday 2014 issue.

Source: Chocolate: Can Science Save the World’s Most Endangered Treat?

Two years minimum to bear fruit – that’s still better than wine grapes I believe.  With the rise in demand, I’d figured there’d be incentive for cacao crops over corn and such.  My understanding was in the US, corn crops were largely propped up by subsidies not demand.  While I don’t care for the article style, it does cover where and what challenges there are and what is being done.  Sadly, the outlook is bleak.  It could be another case like what happened with the banana.

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