Lettuce Is the Bottled Water of Produce

Another day, another story about what we should consume when confronted with a water-scarce future. On today’s chopping block: Lettuce, should you eat it? Let us begin with this provocative statement: A head of iceberg contains the same amount of water as a bottle of Evian, it’s wrapped in lots of plastic, and shipping it around the world is just as awful for the environment.

Source: Lettuce Is the Bottled Water of Produce

The darker the green, the more nutritious it is. This holds true all the way up until Kale, which is wholly inedible and not fit for human consumption. You will actually lose calories eating it, because uncontrollable vomiting is an energy intensive activity.

This Failed Experiment Is Still Causing Farmers Trouble Almost a Decade Later

Nine years ago, an E. coli outbreak led to an expensive, labor-intensive change to the way a lot of our farms operated. But things didn’t get better—in fact, they got worse.

Source: This Failed Experiment Is Still Causing Farmers Trouble Almost a Decade Later

Unless the food is irradiated right before they serve it to you (plate included) it doesn’t really stop supply chain contamination or cross contamination at processing/prep.

The best system would be to package products in totally sealed packages and then irradiate with a monitor mark on each package to ensure proper dose is delivered. But I highly doubt food irradiation does this as it would cost too much for all the extra packaging, radiation sensitive dosing labels, and QA/QC required.

Pascalization is an interesting sterilization(ish) technique which literally crushes everything under pressures so high not much survives the process.

Seriously, Stop Demonizing Almonds

We have seen the real cause of the California drought, and it’s one crunchy inch tall. One gallon of water to grow a single nut? BAN THEM ALL, writes everyone. But almond outrage is misplaced. We shouldn’t stop eating any fruit or vegetable due to how much water it takes to grow it. Especially when there actually is a crop that’s stealing California’s water.

Source: Seriously, Stop Demonizing Almonds

Finally, someone has outed the chickpea for the evil, devil worshiping seed that it is. Plant a chickpea, grow a devil I always say! BAN CHICKPEAS!

jk – I love hummus.

California Foie Gras Ban: Federally Overturned

A federal judge issued a ruling Wednesday that overturned California’s law banning the sale of the fatty duck or goose liver, a delicacy prized by gourmands for its rich flavor.

The ruling at least briefly reverses what stood as a major victory for animal-welfare advocates trying to stop the common practice of force-feeding birds to enlarge their livers.

Source: Foie gras ban is overturned

I’m surprised, considering that foie gras can be made without horrific force feeding.  Last I knew, it cost the same regardless of source.

Potential Egg Shortage? Might Have to Shell Out

A new regulation is set to take effect in California at the beginning of next year that will force hen houses to allocate significantly more room to each egg-laying chicken.

Birds, long afforded a minimum of only 67 square inches a piece, will now need roughly 116 square inches—a more than 70 percent increase—if eggs are to be sold in the state. That extra space won’t come free of charge, a cost that will almost certainly fall on consumers.

Egg prices could jump by as much as 20 percent in California as a result of the the new rules, Dermot J. Hayes, an agribusiness professor at Iowa State University in Ames, told Bloomberg.

Source: California could be on the verge of a severe egg shortage, and it will affect the whole country

It will be interesting to see if history repeats itself, given the result of similar regulations in Europe.  Speaking from local perspective, farms don’t make money.  To put it another way – do you know any wealthy farmers?  They’re as rare as hen’s teeth 😉