How Much Do You Have to Workout to Burn Off the Junk Food You Eat?

If you want to be remotely healthy, don’t eat junk food. It’s that simple. Because it’s really not worth it (oh but it is, sometimes) when you try to burn off all those bad calories you just ate. Think about the exercise! Think about the weights! Think about the cardio! Think about all that when you’re about to eat a Big Mac and Fries because you need about an hour and a half of cardio or two hours of weights to whip that out your system.

Source: How much do you have to work out to burn off the junk food you eat?

Calorie counters do not combat sustenance, they combat gluttony.  We are inundated with so much food in our day-to-day lives that it’s hard to give our body exactly what it needs rather than overconsuming. Junk food is particularly good at supplying calories. If you let your body follow its own will, you’ll consume your daily allowance of calories easily. Even when you’re trying to control your calorie intake, we typically overconsume. We’re meant to eat as much as possible in the wild, when food was scarce and we ran 30 miles a day. Now it isn’t, we don’t, and our brains don’t quite get that…

Your “Diet” Foods Should Make You Feel Full, Not Just Be Low In Calories

When trying to lose weight, most people understand they need to eat less, but eating less food means more hunger (which sucks). But they go about eating less all wrong. In order to deal with the inevitable hunger, aim for foods that provide “volume” and help you feel full.

Foods like rice, oatmeal, potatoes, and huge salads made with green leafy vegetables are successful because they are effective at keeping people full, due to their high food volume-to-calorie ratio and how satiating they are to the individual. High food volume-to-calorie ratio, in this case, means feeling like you’re eating a ton of food for a reasonable amount of calories.

Source: Your “Diet” Foods Should Make You Feel Full, Not Just Be Low In Calories

For those of us on blood thinners, broccoli and green leafy vegetables should put us on notice for better INR monitoring because they will impact the INR level.  Potatoes, oatmeal, rice and yogurt are good options for us.

Chief Coca-Cola Scientist Leaves Amid Criticism Over Obesity Research

Rhona Applebaum, Coca-Cola’s chief scientist and health officer, is stepping down from the company.

The news follows reports that Applebaum helped set up a nonprofit research group tasked with downplaying the role of sugary drinks in the obesity epidemic and highlighting the benefits of exercise.

Source: Chief Coca-Cola scientist leaves amid criticism over obesity research

Excessive sugar consumption is basically the new health crisis, as smoking was in the 20th century.

We all know it’s harmful, and sugar consumption is getting out of control. But with enough uncertainty, doubt and ambivalence, the purveyors of sugary products will continue to thrive without needing to alter their products.

The exercise debate is a pure distraction. For the average person, burning off the 150 calories in a can of Coke or Pepsi would require 20 minutes of circuit training. Most people are going to be better off just cutting out their daily can of Coke than trying to fit in an extra 20 minutes of exercise per day to compensate.

Easy Thanksgiving Food Swaps That Cut Calories Without Sacrificing Flavor

It’s tradition to get stuffed on Thanksgiving, but you can still get your fill of traditional flavors without wrecking your diet. MyFitnessPal shows us some simple food substitutions that cut the calories, sugar, and/or fat of traditional Thanksgiving foods.

Source: Easy Thanksgiving Food Swaps That Cut Calories Without Sacrificing Flavor

There are benefits for intentionally failing on your dietTrying to be perfect actually hurts your weight loss efforts.  So enjoy yourself 😉

But know that there’s a decent amount of vitamin K in pecans.  There’s still vitamin K in pumpkin, but it’s far less than pecans.

Choose Thicker Beverages to Help Suppress Hunger

Ever notice how you tend to feel fuller from a thick fruit smoothie than from straight fruit juice? It’s not your imagination; the thickness and viscosity of a beverage can greatly influence your levels of satiety, or feelings of fullness, and help suppress hunger.

Source: Choose Thicker Beverages to Help Suppress Hunger

I noticed this when I switched from mayonnaise in my tuna sandwich to using guacamole.  I’d feel full/satisfied for at least an hour more when I used the guacamole, aside from better health/nutrition.  People see my sandwich, wonder if I ground up the Hulk…

Blotting Pizza with a Napkin Actually Cuts Significant Calories

I’m going to invent a paint-roller type contraption for blotting whole pizzas. Save time by just rolling it back and fourth on the entire pie. 🙂

Benign and universally beloved as it seems, pizza is a food that’s rife with controversy. The New York/Chicago rivalry over whose pizza is “best” will never be resolved, and politicians have been mocked for taking fork and knife to a slice. Perhaps even more contentious than these is the question of pizza-blotting—is it a culinary crime to dab at the grease atop a pizza with a napkin? Either way, there’s some good news for blotters: blotting the oil off the top of pizza does make it measurably healthier.

Source: Blotting Pizza With a Napkin Really Does Cut Down on Calories

I think the optimal time to blot is as soon as the cheese is cooled enough not to stick to the napkin. Clearly more experimentation is needed. Delicious, delicious experimentation.

Kitchen Science: What’s the Difference Between Brown and White Sugar?

We know that, scientifically speaking, brown sugar makes better song lyrics than white sugar, but what is the actual chemical difference between the two? Learn why brown sugar clumps up, how you can unclump it, and what it’s good for.

Source: Kitchen Science: What’s the Difference Between Brown and White Sugar?

It’s interesting how important an ingredient can be to a recipe.  Cooking is an art, but baking is science (for hungry people™).

Don’t be fooled – organic white sugar is still just as “processed” as white sugar.  “Organic” only means how it is farmed, not processed.

Wraps Are Bullshit, Eat a Sandwich Instead

Fuck wraps. They taste bad, and Big Carb continues to lie to good, honest people by associating wraps with “light eating.” You think eating a wrap for lunch is healthy? You are wrong, chump, and I’d love you to fight me about it.

Source: Wraps Are Bullshit, Eat a Sandwich Instead

Meh.  But I don’t eat wraps often.  But it is nice to change things up now and then.

Your Body, the Battery: Powering Gadgets from Human “Biofuel”

Technology has always been intimately linked to the human body. From sharpened flint to smartphones, we’ve been carrying our inventions for millennia—but the relationship is about to get even closer. The next generation of electronic devices might not just be near our bodies, they could be powered by them.

Source: Your body, the battery: Powering gadgets from human “biofuel”

Who needs AI to rise up if we’re going to turn ourselves into batteries? 😉

One of my favourite clips from Mass Effect 2:

Nutrition Information Isn’t 100% Accurate…but Don’t Worry About It

Whether you’re a keen shopper, a health-conscious parent, or an athlete training for a specific fitness goal, chances are you’ve looked at a food label or two, right? You probably check the total Calories per serving of many foods you eat, taking comfort when you make clean choices. But have you ever wondered how the caloric value of your food is determined?

Source: How Accurate Are Calorie Counts?

This is to address the anal retentiveness that some people can develop with tracking calories. It’s important to know how much you’re taking in on a daily basis for weight management, but it’s just as important to avoid striving for perfection with it—just as long as you are close enough.