Creative and Delicious Ways to Repurpose “Extra” Easter Candy

Easter has passed and the bunny has come and gone, but the candy remains. You may have some leftovers, or you may—in your infinite wisdom—have hit up the clearance aisle to stock up on peanut butter eggs and hollow chocolate rabbits. Either way, here are some of the most delicious things you can do with your sweet haul besides just eating it.

Source: Creative and Delicious Ways to Repurpose “Extra” Easter Candy

Smores using a Cadbury Creme Egg and a Peep… 😀

I Ate Edible Candy Bubbles and I Didn’t Go Blind

When you’re a kid, there’s an endless list of things you’re not supposed to eat, and that includes bubbles. But apparently the science of bubble solution has come a long way over the years, because a company called Little Kids, Inc. has succeeded in concocting bubbles you can not only eat, but are actually surprisingly tasty.

Source: I Ate Edible Candy Bubbles and I Didn’t Go Blind

I’m just imagining a thin layer of sticky sweet bubble spunk all over everything. Hard pass.

‘Healthy’ Fruit Snacks Are Just Overpriced Candy, Lawsuit Claims

Last week, two women filed a class action lawsuit against Welch Foods, the maker of Welch’s Fruit Snacks, for “deceptive practices in misrepresenting the fruit content and the nutritional and health qualities.” In other words, the complaint says, although Welch’s wants you to think its fruit snacks are healthy, they most certainly are not—really, they’re about as good for your kids as a pack of gummi bears. Same goes for Annie’s Homegrown Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks, which parents love to think of as a healthy, fruity snack. I’m not saying you should never let your kids indulge in treats like this, but don’t pat yourself on the back thinking you’re doing their bodies good when you do.

Source: Don’t Be Fooled Into Thinking Welch’s Fruit Snacks Are Any Healthier Than Candy

Can’t we just feed children… fruit?  I understand why we/parents would prefer the safely packaged, better shelf life, etc alternative.  We don’t always have time to grocery shop every couple of days to keep fresh produce available.  That’s not even getting to dealing with picky/fussy eaters (tips here).

I did not know that vitamin C is a commonly used preservative!  But it’s a myth that vitamin C is a treatment for colds

Science Now Knows How Many Licks to Get to the Center of a Tootsie Pop

The authors were also surprised to find that their work offers a long-sought answer to a question from childhood: How many licks does it take to reach the center of a lollipop? By formulating a theory for how flows cause dissolving and shrinking, the researchers calculated an estimate of about 1,000 licks.

But the work addresses some serious science, too. Understanding how materials dissolve is at the heart of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries — their products rely on the incorporation of solid compounds into solutions within reactors and within the human body.

Source: How many licks to finish a lollipop? Formula models how water currents shape and dissolve solids

It’s three. No matter what you say, the answer is still three. Sorry, scientists: Owl 1, Science 0.

The study actually has significant applications in both chemistry and geology. For chemistry, it could have a particular influence on the field of pharmaceutical science.

What Determines Whether Candy Is Hard Or Soft?

Whilst there are a huge variety of candies available, we can actually divide them into just two main categories: crystalline and non-crystalline (or amorphous). These designations are derived from the arrangement of the sucrose molecules within the candy, which is deliberately controlled during the candy-making process. Before we consider these categories, though, we need to consider how candy is made. The sugar will be mixed with the other required ingredients and water, then heated to a desired boiling temperature which influences the final sugar concentration. It is then allowed to cool – and it is the difference in the processes that occur during the cooling which dictate the type of candy formed.

Source: The Chemistry of Candy

Not to be confused with Hard Candy, the movie starring Ellen Page. But it is an interesting movie.

I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2014

Jimmy Kimmel has done put out this challenge for a few years now: Video your kids reaction to “I ate all your Halloween candy”.  They sift through to give you the highlights – YouTube Challenge – I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2014 (4:06 minutes)

Some are hilarious, some are adorable.

The pain is real.  A friend was telling me their mom was a dietitian – Halloween candy was more coveted than Christmas.  Which is funny, because the friend went on to become a dentist