The Evolution of Canned Food and Drink In 38 Pictures

Canned foods made their debut on store shelves in the 19th century, and they’ve only become more common ever since. From your local deli to supermarkets, you can find pretty much anything—from tuna to pineapple—in canned form. But how did we get here? The history of canned food is more intricate than you’d think, and includes new inventions and changes in method and design that bring us to the canned goods we eat today.

Source: The Evolution of Canned Food and Drink In 38 Pictures

“Mmm, canned cans!” — George Carlin

Kidding aside, the timeline is quite recent – in the last 150 years.  When you think about how the packaging revolutionized food, how we take the stock on the shelves for granted…

Does Canned Food Ever Really Go Bad?

Why, hello! We’re so glad to see you made it past the velociraptornadoes, sinkhole maze, and fire ants made of literal fire to join us here in our Survival Week bunker. Please help yourself to a single (one, please!) rationed water bottle as we discuss our now increasingly urgent question: Does tinned food go bad?

Source: Does Canned Food Ever Really Go Bad?

Is it time to read about the Disturbingly Inexact Science of Food Expiration Dates?  I was told that the rings on canned goods like tuna were to help indicate botulism…

10 Most Disgusting Canned Food Products

Have you eaten?

People started canning food a few hundred years ago as a method of preservation and a way to make food easy to transport, and they’ve been canning some really gross food products ever since. Nowadays consumers are less likely to buy a canned product if they can buy fresh for the same price, and yet companies keep on canning the gross stuff because somebody out there is buying it!

Source: Ten Of The Most Disgusting Canned Food Products

It’s a toss up to which clip to reference – the Mr. Creosote sketch from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, or the puke story from Stand By Me.

I was going to make a float with breast milk ice cream, but can’t decide which beer to use: