Four Vegetables You Can Regrow on a Windowsill to Use Again Every Week

…the wonders of the kitchen don’t stop once you’ve finished cooking: Even once you’ve used however many scallions—or carrots or fennel fronds—as you need in a recipe, the others needn’t go in the compost. They can last a long time. A really long time. You just need to regrow them and—here’s another miraculous part—it only takes one week.

Here are four vegetables that only need one week of water and sunshine to regrow to a point where you can use them. You should change the water when it gets cloudy, but otherwise, this method requires barely any effort. Just chop, regrow, repeat:

Source: Use, Regrow, Repeat: 4 Vegetables that Regrow in One Week

Now for the bad news – they’re all foods/ingredients high in vitamin K:

If you’re on blood thinners – grow them, but give the majority to others.