The Battle to Finally Understand Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

How can you do medical research on chronic fatigue syndrome when divisions between patients, doctors and researchers are almost as chronic and painful as the disease itself? Virginia Gewin reports on new hopes of reconciliation.

Source: Fighting over fatigue

This is one of the first articles to focus on the fact the brain stays wired but the body does the opposite.  That is what separates CFS from just being “run down”.

Yellow Poop is Hereditary. Who Knew?

If in doubt, check with the people in the stalls next to you 😉

If your poop is much lighter colored than nearly everyone else’s, it could be a sign that you have an absolutely harmless medical condition. And your parents are to blame.

Source: Yellow Poop is Hereditary.  Who Knew?

As the joke goes: that’s nice… for me to poop on!

There is one additional symptom/side-effect of having Gilbert’s that is largely ignored by the medical community, but is common amongst around 70% of patient: We get fatigued/tired easily. such that some of us have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

Also, it’s common practice to self-medicate with red wine or tea.  More specifically, the tannin apparently help break down the bilirubin in your liver.  I dislike tannin personally – you know it as it makes your mouth feel weird and dry.