Onions Work As Blood Thinners (Sometimes To A Dangerous Degree)

If you are older, and are taking blood thinners, if you have a disease or condition that keeps your blood from clotting properly, or if you are soon having surgery, you may find yourself with some unexpected dietary restrictions. Onions and garlic, especially raw onions and garlic, are off the plate.

Source: Onions Work As Blood Thinners (Sometimes To A Dangerous Degree)

Yeah.. NO.

Onions have never been a risk when I looked.  Garlic was not recommended, but my experience to date says that’s rubbish.  I consume a fair bit of garlic, and my dose has not changed in years.  It might be different for others, but generally unlikely.

This Treadmill Test Can Predict Your Odds Of Surviving Another Decade

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have devised a simple treadmill test and formula to calculate your odds of surviving the next ten years, and it goes like this: FIT Treadmill Score = %MPHR + 12 (METS) – 4 (age) + 43 (if female). Here’s how it works and what it means to your health.

“The notion that being in good physical shape portends lower death risk is by no means new, but we wanted to quantify that risk precisely by age, gender and fitness level, and do so with an elegantly simple equation that requires no additional fancy testing beyond the standard stress test,” noted team leader Haitham Ahmed of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in a statement.

To create this algorithm, Ahmed’s team studied 58,020 adults from Detroit aged 18 to 96 who were being evaluated for chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting, or dizziness (all of the participants were free from established heart disease). These individuals were put through exercise stress tests from January 1991 through to May 2009.

…You may also not want to evaluate yourself. As noted by Melissa Healy in the LA Times, “Do-it-yourself stress testing is probably not very reliable, since a physician or sports physiologist needs to be around to decide when to call a halt to the test (and therefore what maximum a test-taker has achieved).”

Source: This Treadmill Test Can Predict Your Odds Of Surviving Another Decade

Nuff Said?

The Brazilian ‘getting up off the floor’ test for geriatric mortality prediction is novel because it is so cheap to administer.

Men: 6 Symptoms to Be Aware of

More often than not, we’re too macho, too busy, or (shhh!) too scared to man up and face the person who can help us live a longer, more fulfilling life. But when it comes to seemingly minor symptoms, trying to tough it out could set you up for major trouble down the road.

Guys are nearly 25 percent less likely than women to have visited a doctor in the past year. So it’s no surprise they’re at a much greater risk of being hospitalized for serious health threats such as congestive heart failure and the long-term complications of diabetes.

Source: 6 Super Subtle Symptoms Guys Should Never, Ever Ignore

Guys over 40, have you done your annual prostate exam?  If you or someone you know is between 20 and 40, a check every couple of years is suggested.  Ounce of prevention, pound of cure…