Make Perfect Chocolate Truffles With Just Two Ingredients

These treats look fancy and luxurious, but they couldn’t be easier to make. Since the truffle base is made from just two ingredients, using good-quality chocolate is key. Explore any fun toppings you like, from the traditional cocoa powder, to powdered sugar or your favorite chopped nuts or candy, to any of the more exotic flavor combinations below. Offer them to your sweetheart, serve them to guests after dinner, or pack them up for gifts—but make sure to save some for yourself!

Source: Two-Ingredient Truffles

Chocolate truffles are a classic Valentine’s Day treat, but they can cost a pretty penny. Instead of shelling out hard-earned cash, make your own treats at home with just two ingredients: chocolate and cream (how much vitamin K in cream?).

Cream cheese truffles are neat, but the superior one is goat cheese truffles.

Cover Up Frosting Mistakes (and Add a Tasty Topping) with Cereal

If you’ve got your cake and some basic buttercream, what’s next? What takes a cake from good to great? Decoration!

Creating an Instagram-ready cake doesn’t mean you have to be a pro with the pastry bag. Here are seven ways to make your cake look over-the-top dramatic — but don’t require decorating genius to achieve.

Source: 7 of the Easiest Ways to Make Your Cake a Work of Art

I’ve been trying to get the “swirl” effect I’ve seen on cheesecakes – hasn’t worked out so well, but practice makes perfect.  Using cereal is interesting – texture, crunch, flavor… Nuts would be an interesting, but more expensive alternative.

Fruit is also nice – I’ve been meaning to do a cake so I can practice orange supreme.  A “supreme” (if I got it correct) is where you take the skin of an orange wedge off – pretty, messy, and not much shelf life 😉