How to Make Chocolate from the Fruit to the Candy Bar

Chocolate porn: the only kind of porn better than regular porn.

The Best Chocolate for Making Amazing Hot Chocolate from Scratch

With January comes the excitement of a new year, resolutions, layers, and the inevitable moment the temperature reads, “Feels like -4° F.” For those freezing mornings and cozy winter nights, there’s warming, filling, silky, chocolate-y hot chocolate to make us feel better and help us thaw out.

Source: How to Make the Best Hot Chocolate, According to the Experts

You can try milk (or milk substitute), straight cacao powder, two course salt granules, two drops of vanilla extract, and a little bit of honey. Before discovering cacao powder (again, not crappy Hershey cocoa powder), I was melting 85% dark chocolate…

Cocoa Butter: The Process for an Ingredient in Candy and Moisturizer

What the hell is cocoa butter? And why is it both an ingredient in candy bars and a moisturizer? This short video lets you see where cocoa butter comes from and what “chocolate” looks like without it.

This video gives you a rundown of how beans turn into chocolate – and the far less glamorous cocoa butter. First, whole beans, with their shells, are lightly roasted. The temperature shouldn’t go above 135 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s a lot of fat in the beans that no one wants to melt quite yet.

Source: What Exactly Is Cocoa Butter? Watch This To See How It’s Made

The video is brief, and at 1:43 minutes it is also not narrated either.  You need the article content to understand what is happening and why.

Similar to alcohol, we’ve been making it for thousands of years now. Somewhere along the line people figured out how to do organic chemistry.  There had to be a lot of failure to get to what we’ve come to enjoy.