Coconut Flour: How Much Vitamin K?

None!  No vitamin K, or any other vitamins, in coconut flour for samples of 28 or 100 grams. To be more accurate – the data is missing or incomplete.  So if your INR is erratic, consider monitoring your intake.

There is however a fair amount of protein to be had – 100 grams provides 17.5 grams of protein.  That’s 35% of the Daily Value (DV).  Also, a huge amount of dietary fibre – 150% DV in 100 grams of coconut flour.

We Fed Cookies Made Out Of Bugs To Our Coworkers…

You may feel squeamish about chomping down insects with their eyes, legs, and antennae still intact, but would you eat insects if they were disguised in butter and sugar-filled cookies? We baked chocolate chip cookies made from pulverized insects and brought them to our office where our brave coworkers tasted them.

Some time between taking those smelly cricket cookies out of the oven and feeding them to our officemates, it occurred to us that we had made cookies out of meat.

Source: We Fed Cookies Made Out Of Bugs To Our Coworkers. Here’s What Happened.

I missed a co-worker bringing in BBQ crickets the other day 😦