The Man Who Wants to Beat Back Aging

On a blazingly hot morning this past June, a half-dozen scientists convened in a hotel conference room in suburban Maryland for the dress rehearsal of what they saw as a landmark event in the history of aging research. In a few hours, the group would meet with officials at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a few kilometers away, to pitch an unprecedented clinical trial—nothing less than the first test of a drug to specifically target the process of human aging.

Source: The man who wants to beat back aging

Metformin is a standard medication for diabetics, taken by millions since 1957.  One would think its anti-ageing powers would have been revealed by now…  They give no logic behind how they arrived at the 120 year lifespan.  I can only assume they extrapolated from worm and certain mice strain models – this methodology has been shown to be extremely flawed.