Cohabitation—Or Maybe Parenthood—Shapes Our Immune System

The immune system of an adult is shaped by both genetic factors and every microbe we’ve ever been in contact with. The result is a unique set of things we can recognize, called an immunorepertoire. Environmental influences—things like infections and age—are thought to account for at least half of the differences in our individual immunorepertoires.

Source: Cohabitation—or maybe parenthood—shapes our immune system

“Netflix and chill” just got replaced with “Have kids! It’s (?) for your health.”?  Good for your health, bad for your wealth 😉

Living Together Might Be Just as Beneficial as Marrying, Especially for Women

So much for the undying stereotype that women need marriage like a fish needs fish gills: New research has found that women get just as much of an emotional boost out of just shacking up as they do out of making it legal. And “emotional boosts” are supposed to be the lady drug of choice.

Source: Living Together Might Be Just as Beneficial as Marrying, Especially for Women

But if you don’t get married, how will you get all those useless presents on your registry?  I want a really good blender.  I also want a mixer because manual whisking is for suckers.

What the article doesn’t mention is that beyond culture, there are still many legal benefits, regulations and bureaucratic details that favor “married” couples.  Which is one component to why emotional stress diminishes…

Good News Unmarried Couples – Cohabitation is Good for You

In healthcare professions, it’s common knowledge that married people have better overall health and lower mortality than their unmarried peers. However, a new study published in AJPH indicates that adults who are cohabitating have midlife health outcomes that are similar to adults in formal marriages. So in terms of the benefits specific to marriage, we can probably strike “longer, healthier life” from the list.

Source: Good news for unmarried couples—cohabitation is good for you

This comes on the heels of the news about how sick families with children get.  So it’s healthy to live with others, to a point 😉