Does a Weekend of Binge-Drinking Make Your Cold Worse?

People who binge drink on the weekend take more days off work, but the cost may be more than just economic.

Source: Does a Weekend of Binge-Drinking Make Your Cold Worse?

Two glasses of alcohol, but nothing about alcohol percentage in said glass? 😉

How We Learned Chlorine Gas Is Not An Effective Cold Remedy

Depends on how you define “effective” 😉

We know that chlorine is incredibly dangerous if inhaled. It destroys lung tissue, causing people to asphyxiate on their own pulped lungs. It was used as a weapon in World War I, and soldiers were terrified of it. .So why did a US President and a good chunk of Congress get gassed with it as a medical treatment?

Source: How We Learned Chlorine Gas Is Not An Effective Cold Remedy

That’s like how Marie Curie discovered radium – her note book now is kept in a lead box because it’s that radioactive.  We’ve made some great discoveries, but there have been some mistakes to get there.

The Myth of Vitamin C and the Common Cold

You’ve probably heard it a zillion times: take some vitamin C if you feel a cold coming on, and chase away illness with a gallon of orange juice. Even though we know there’s no cure for the common cold, many of us still believe in the sweet, orange elixir and don’t even question what the makers of the stuff guarantee: an 8 oz. glass delivers “100% of the vitamin C” needed to “maintain a healthy immune system.”

Science-ish looked at high-quality studies on the subject of vitamin C and sickness, starting with this recent Cochrane systematic review (the highest form of evidence) on the supplement for prevention and treatment of the common cold. The lead author, Dr. Harri Hemilä, of the department of public health at the University of Helsinki, told Science-ish he has spent much of his career exploring this very question—with some interesting results.

…there is good evidence it has benefits for one specific group of people: those who undertake really intense physical activity such as marathon runners. For them, vitamin C supplementation decreases the incidence of colds by half. These findings, though, do not hold up for ordinary people, Dr. Hemilä emphasized.

Source: The myth of Vitamin C and the common cold

All is not lost – vitamin C is good for:

  • free radical protection
  • collagen production
  • brain health

…and there are better sources than oranges.

Common Cold ‘Prefers Cold Noses’

The virus behind the common cold is much happier in a cold nose, US researchers suggest.

Their study showed the human immune system was weaker in cooler temperatures, allowing the virus to thrive.

The researchers suggested keeping your nose warm and avoiding cold air while infected.

Source: Common cold ‘prefers cold noses’

It’s likely to be much more complex than that. Dry air causing dry mucous membranes and skin which makes for easier portal of entry. Maybe change in activity or interactions of some animals that act as reservoirs. Probably a dozen other things… This study only focused on mouse cells growing in a culture dish. While they controlled for humidity and whatnot, but not at all in the context of an intact organism breathing in virus.