Your Stubbornness Is the Real Reason You Aren’t Losing Weight

I’ve seen thousands of people attempt a weight loss regimen, and there is one common trait shared by people who fail fast. It’s not bad genetics, lack of time, or a penchant for fine wines. It’s stubbornness.

Source: Your Stubbornness Is the Real Reason You Aren’t Losing Weight

I don’t put much effort into dealing with stubbornness.  I recently sent “I did it my way” (a la Frank Sinatra) to a co-worker because they dismissed my suggestions about their constant failing at dealing with a professional relationship.  Most often, it’s best left to stubborn people to let them learn for themselves.  Flipside, it’s a mark of a pretty crappy person who will not attempt to get involved while enjoying the drama that unfolds…

Compassion: Changing the World and Ourselves

…what if recognising our shared humanity was more than just a sentimental ideal? What if consciously practising kindness could change the wiring of your brain and make you live longer?

This is neuroscience’s latest frontier – a growing body of research that shows compassion could be the key to improved health, happiness and longevity.

Brain imaging reveals that exercising compassion stimulates the same pleasure centres associated with the drive for food, water and sex.

Other studies show it can be protective against disease and increase lifespan.

Source: Changing the world and ourselves through compassion

Interesting read, but light on the science.

And you have nice hair!

Sorry, but I don’t believe altruism exists.  Doing something compassionate to be seen as such is in fact selfish.  And I’ve seen compassion make people rather myopic, sneering at what they’d label as socialism – social programs to support the aftermath of their political views.