The Difference Between Various Kinds of Protein Supplements

Flip through any exercise magazine and, judging by all the attention protein supplements get, it appears protein and fitness somehow go hand-in-hand . And it is true: Protein can help promote a healthy weight and help muscles recover after a good workout. But what exactly is protein, and when it comes to supplements, which type of protein is best? Read on to learn about the different sources of protein powder and which ones stand apart from the rest.

Source: The Ultimate Guide to Protein Supplements

Because isolates are further processed to remove sugars (like lactose), carbs & fats so isolates are good for those who are lactose intolerant.  But pointless for everyone else, and does not digest faster.  Concentrates still have sugars, carbs, and fats. And typically taste better than isolates.

The article incorrectly states that lactose is indigestible for some, but it’s not because it’s an allergen. It is still an allergen, but the reason for it being indigestible is a lactose intolerance, not a milk allergy. Both casein & whey, regardless of concentrate or isolate form, are allergens.

Casein is grittier tasting compared to whey. Casein also takes longer to dissolve, and makes your shakes thicker compared to what an isolate would.

The Most Overrated “Healthy” Foods (and What to Eat Instead)

Sometimes a food becomes trendy based on health claims that, as it turns out, the food can’t really support. Here’s a look at a few superfoods that aren’t so super—and suggest some alternatives that are healthier, cheaper, or both.

Now, as a fan of all food, I want to be clear that all of these are delicious and many are nutritious, so it’s not like you have to stop eating them if you love them. These foods made the list because they tend to be hyped with health claims. In each case, either the food’s nutritional information doesn’t support the claim, doesn’t support it as well as other, less-hyped foods, or the food has other health concerns that make it less than virtuous.

Source: The Most Overrated “Healthy” Foods (and What to Eat Instead)

Only acai berries are said to have vitamin K, but I can’t find any actual information on how much vitamin K.  So if you binge on acai berries, I’d recommend reading the article for alternatives.

If you’re after protein, there’s better sources than quinoa.  Navy beans and black beans for instance, if you’re adverse to steak.  The complete protein is a lie