Friendship Is More Powerful Than We Ever Imagined

Friendship is powerful — everything from pop culture tells us so. But how powerful is it? Turns out that friendship has all sorts of properties, that include making you healthier, increasing your self-awareness and helping you accomplish way more. Here are all the ways science proves that friendship really is magic.

Source: Friendship Is More Powerful Than We Ever Imagined

The ability to predict friends based on DNA is an aspect I had not considered, but if we hope to use DNA for determining various health risks…

The aspect I didn’t catch in the article was the impact of rivals.  Sometimes friendly competitive people, sometimes not so friendly.  I remember chatting with someone who thought that Augustus could not have become the ruler he was without Mark Antony as a rival.  A more recent example would be James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Similarly, I encountered someone in my swim lane who was definitely faster than us and body language was clear – they did not think well of me.  They’d do things like surge ahead, sometimes leaving myself to lead the rest of the group, take little to no break, or even start the drill early.  But I found that it took some effort, but I was able to draft and worked to improve as the drill distances also got longer.  The rival didn’t get anything out of it, but I did – I saw that I was capable of doing more but hadn’t been getting feedback from coaches to push me.  Similarly, I have cyclists I look to for various aspects from which to learn and strive to challenge.  No such luck in running currently, but eventually.

Yelp: Still an Outlet for Constructive Criticism?

Of all the places that have come up with a clever way to protest Yelp’s alleged aggressive advertising tactics, a small plucky Italian restaurant in a strip mall just northeast of San Francisco, is as unlikely as they come.

For a few weeks now, Botto Bistro is actively trying to become the worst-reviewed restaurant on Yelp as a way to stick it to the venerated review site—so much so that they’re offering 25 percent off for anyone who does so.

Source: Why this tiny Italian restaurant gives a discount for bad Yelp reviews

While it looks bad on Yelp, the business has gotten far more press from various media so they stand to come out ahead. But the tactic won’t work as well the next time.  And it’s possible that Yelp’s relevance will fade, either to be ended if not rebranded to distance from the knowledge of their business practices…

I don’t read food related reviews – people have different tastes, and I’m not interested in finding out a bad review was simply because of a personality clash/personal issue.  The restaurant is a modern-day Ship of Theseus – it’s a construct, resembling the original but the parts (IE: staff, menu, management, etc) change.  Similarly, I’m annoyed to read low reviews for things like ordering clothing online – the cut doesn’t suit your figure, it’s too big or too small… Useless details that don’t reflect the product – I want to know if it will last, bleed in the wash, tips & tricks to be aware of.  My conclusion for a coffee/spice grinder was that whatever I choose is likely to break, so I’d better buy from an outlet that will give me the least hassle when I have to return it.