Want to Toast Nuts? Use the Microwave

The oven takes a long time to preheat—even in the toaster oven getting your nuts from the pantry to perfectly roasted can take 15 minutes or more. In a real oven, that time jumps up even higher. A skillet is faster, but it also requires much more attention, with near-constant stirring and tossing if you want to avoid having nuts that look like the ones above: raw in spots and almost black in others.

The microwave, on the other hand, heats quickly, efficiently, and evenly from all directions, and with small items like nuts, can actually cook them from the outside and the inside at basically the same rate.

Source: Toasting Nuts? The Microwave is Your Best Friend

The articles goes on to mention that the flavour isn’t quite as desired, but adding a half teaspoon of neutral oil (vegetable, canola) can help.  But if your recipe calls for cooking food along with the nuts in a skillet – follow the recipe.

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The amounts listed in these tables [below] are certainly more than would be recommended for a particular meal. For instance, it is unlikely that you would eat 10 rice cakes at a sitting. The amount listed is a guide to an amount that you could eat in a particular day and get a consistent level of vitamin K.

Source: Vitamin K Levels: Fats, Oils & Dressings

Notably, olive oil comes out as “low”.  I haven’t found anything about Extra Virgin, though the designation is questionable these days.

If you are truly concerned about the vitamin K content, PTINR recommends putting the olive oil in light (sun or fluorescent) for 48 hrs.  Most olive oil bottles are dark in colour to protect the olive oil from light exposure, so deal with accordingly.  That said, you’re altering more than just the vitamin K content so you risk getting little to no nutritional benefit when consuming the denatured olive oil (extra virgin or otherwise).  Given that most recipes do not require a lot of olive oil, and that we still need some vitamin K in our diet – it’s something I’d recommend managing with medication.