Research group orchestrated by Coca-Cola has disbanded amid criticism

Well, that escalated quickly 😉

Following news that Coca-Cola’s chief scientist is stepping down, the controversial academic research group set up and funded by the beverage maker has now disbanded.

Source: Research group orchestrated by Coca-Cola has disbanded amid criticism

Look, Coke, just embrace the fact that you sell an unhealthy product.  Stop embarrassing yourselves by pretending it’s a healthy lifestyle choice.  You don’t see Krispy Kreme, Frito-Lays, or Hershey’s trying that, and they’re pretty much doing fine.

Don’t Read the Comments—They Can Make You Mistrust Real Experts

A recent paper in the Journal of Advertising suggests that online commenting may sway people as much as public service announcements (PSAs) from health authorities. Depending on who’s doing the commenting, comments may sometimes be even more influential than PSAs.

While it may seem ludicrous that people could trust online comments as much as PSAs, it’s important to remember that online comments have an important advantage: they’re seen as coming from an unbiased source. This is why product reviews by consumers online and other “electronic word-of-mouth” communications are often seen as a trusted resource.

Source: Don’t read the comments—they can make you mistrust real experts

I would never lie to you.  Sincerely, Dr. Whiskers

Just because I have it, doesn't mean it's true

From the CollegeHumour “If Google was a Guy…” series

What the article doesn’t mention is if there’s any relation to confirmation bias

On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog

Woof! I mean…