Scientists Explain the Physics of the Perfect Pancakes

Have you ever wondered why your pancakes sometimes have ugly craters, or a weird ring around their edges? A new analysis of pancake recipes could help you exploit physics to make the perfect pancake — and possibly one day save your sight.

Source: Scientists Explain the Physics of the Perfect Pancakes

There’s an interesting section in “The Food Lab,” a hybrid science/cook-book, about how the ideal amount of baking powder to use in pancake batter so that pancakes end up a nice golden-brown. It also includes a buttermilk pancake recipe that I’ve tried a few times and which I found pretty tasty. It suggests separating out the egg whites and whipping them in order to make a fluffier pancake.  This also works great when making sweet potato pie.

Pancakes: Mathematically Precise

For the math major in all of us…

Source: Spirocakes with my dad – youtube, 2:01 minutes

If you served those to me without warning I’d enjoy how pretty it was for about a second before asking where the rest of my pancake is.  Pancake syrup and bacon goes together great, but yogurt on pancakes was surprisingly good (and healthier!) too.

Haunted French pancakes give me the crepes.  I’d butter go now…