“Stroke Ambulances” Could Save Lives Before Ever Reaching the Hospital

The last year or so has seen the arrival of super ambulances, emergency vehicles equipped with life-saving CT scanners that can treat stroke victims without waiting to arrive at the hospital.

Source: “Stroke Ambulances” Could Save Lives Before Ever Reaching the Hospital

There are numerous stories about people expiring in ambulances because traffic won’t allow the ambulance through.  I was shocked to find that our local law that requires traffic to pull over when an ambulance is coming from behind is not universally implemented, even more to encounter people whose culture was not to move in this event.

In light of the traffic and ambulance location issues, cities like New York turned to making more people first aid attendants.  The response time was something like 3 minutes, but there’s no way these people are going to have access to the portable CT scanner, or make the judgement call to employ the clot busting medication TPA.

I appreciate that the team did it, but logistics said it was a useless effort a long time ago.

How To Murder Someone With An MRI

A little-known and harmless side effect of MRIs gives us an intriguing way to murder people. Tricking them into getting an MRI would be tough, but afterwards? It’s almost too easy.

Source: How To Murder Someone With An MRI

Interesting – I don’t remember experiencing the sensation myself.  I think it was an MRI I had, where they injected me with something (to display a thrombosis I imagine) – the first time, I was nearly sick on the operator.  Maybe that was a CT scan?  It’s been almost a decade…

There’s no radiation to be concerned with for an MRI, but there is for CT scans.