Quebec Strawberry has Potential to Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Quebec may be known for maple syrup and poutine, but perhaps soon strawberries can be added to the list. A varietal known as the Authentic Orleans strawberry appears to help reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Source: Quebec strawberry has potential to reduce Type 2 diabetes risk

Don’t go running out for strawberries just yet.  The findings are preliminary, but more fruit & veg is always a good idea.

Tomatoes: Now Available in Goth

I see a red tomato and I want it painted black…

A plant breeder has blended two varieties to create the world’s first black and white tomato plant.

Experts at Sutton Seeds previously made a strain called Indigo Rose – the planet’s only black tomato.  But now they have blended the Indigo Rose with a white-cherry strain to produce the black and white variety.

Source: World’s first black and white tomato plant created by British breeder

Black tomatoes are actually a pretty old group of cultivars, originally from Russia. They’ve got this interesting, meaty, less astringent thing going on that makes them really good raw. Indigo Rose is hardly the first or only black cultivar.  All these guys really did was graft one of the more popular new varietals of black/purple tomatoes to a pre-existing white (or technically pale yellow) varietal and call it a day. Plant grafting is a crazy old technique…

Maybe this will mean we’ll get “zebra” ketchup?