There’s Cyanide in Artificial Vitamin B12, And That’s Okay

When you get a shot of vitamin B12, you’re also getting traces of cyanide in the mix–although it would be equally accurate to say that there’s artificial B12 in your antidote to cyanide.

Source: There’s Cyanide in Artificial Vitamin B12, And That’s Okay

The most effective form of vitamin B12 is methylcobalamin.  The body uses methylcobalamin directly, so it’s very easily absorbed.  The same goes for dibencozide, which the body uses for muscle development among other things. Canadians do not get dibencozide – they can only get it from the U.S.  Cyanocobalamin is crap – don’t use it.  Smokers should use methylcobalamin, as it will bond to the cyanide in the body and will be excreted though urine.

Badass Historical Chemists: Locusta

Locusta was one of the first recorded professional chemists. She was employed by several royal Romans, and even established a school for other chemists. Here’s why it was best not to piss off either her or her students.

Source: Badass Historical Chemists: Locusta

Some people believe she was the first recorded serial killer. Not everyone she poisoned was for profit. It’s a toss up as to whether she poisoned them for fun or for practice.

This Is a Very Strange Cure for Cyanide Poisoning

Cyanide poisoning is not a nice way to go. Essentially it’s open-air suffocation. Cyanide ions in the body interact with an enzyme called cytochrome oxidase. This enzyme works with hemoglobin in the blood. It preferentially picks up cyanide when it should be picking up oxygen, meaning the body slowly dies for lack of “air.”

Source: This Is a Very Strange Cure for Cyanide Poisoning

There’s a classic joke about how to get intoxicated at hospitals by claiming you drank methanol to get an IV with an ethanol solution.  It’s not that methanol will kill you or make you blind…  The problem is that the liver enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase turn methanol into formaldehyde (or methyl aldehyde).  Ethanol binds to the same enzyme to inhibit the production of formaldehyde.

The Most Terrifying Fish Dishes Ever Served

We all love seafood — but the ocean can be a terrifying place. The ocean depths are home to some deadly and poisonous creatures… so of course, people always try to eat them. Here are the scariest fish dishes you could possibly eat.

Source: The Most Terrifying Fish Dishes Ever Served

The article is incorrect – they’re not beheading the squid.  They’re cutting its abdomen off.  The brain of a squid is wrapped around its esophagus (between its eyes) – it’s very much is alive and very much with brain when they start to pour soy sauce on it.

The fact that a cephalopod brain is wrapped around its esophagus is what renders those fantasies of future cephalopod overlords so silly, because a bigger brain would mean they’d starve to death.

1982: Tylenol Changed the Consumer Product Industry

In 1982, seven people died in the Chicago area due to an unknown mal-intended person replacing Johnson & Johnson Tylenol tablets with cyanide tablets. This was an extremely big deal and it completely changed the world in a few different ways let’s look at how.

Source: Tylenol Changed the Consumer Product Industry in 1982

A brief but interesting read to what led to change in how medication is made available.  The seal isn’t on pharmacy medications because it’s not on the shelf for someone to tamper with.