What Gives a Decaying Body Its Distinctive Odor?

Dead bodies give off a distinctive, sickly-sweet odour that’s immediately recognisable and hard to forget. The smell of death can consist of more than 400 volatile organic compounds in a complex mixture. These compounds are produced by the actions of bacteria, which break down the tissues in the body into gases and salts.

Source: What Gives a Decaying Body Its Distinctive Odor?

Cadaverine – how creative.

How Nature Can Mummify a Brain

Brains, like everything else, decompose. But nature has a way of halting that decay.

Source: How nature can mummify a brain

The woolly mammoth is really interesting.  We actually get to see what such an animal looked like.  Dinosaurs?  We can’t decide about feathers, much less colour of…

We’ve lost a lot of information in places where you can’t bury the dead.  For example, “sky burial” was practiced in the area around Tibet.  Sky burial was where the body would be cut into pieces, left for carrion birds (IE vultures).  As our population increases, the need for real estate increases.  So burial sites are likely to turn into what we already see in the Middle East, where your remains will get added to a box containing your ancestors.