Nutrition Tips I Learned from Using a Meal Service

Finally, I decided to do something about it and called my friend Nick McNaught who owns one of Toronto-based meal service Fuel Foods. Despite the connection, until then, I had never considered doing a delivery service. I don’t know if it was a pride thing, a cheapness thing or a laziness thing, but suddenly it made so much sense: why not invest in a system that would help my energy, health and physique and make life easier during this transitional time? So I did. Turns out there was a lot to be both gained and discovered from having healthy meals delivered to my doorstep. Here’s what I learned from my time on a meal system.

Source: Nutrition tips I learned from using a meal service

It depends on your lifestyle, but I could see meal service working for myself or anyone doing a lot of training.

Everyone in my beginner program talked at some point about how difficult it was to deal with meals – prep, cooking, consumption and issues with consumption.  Nevermind with respect to having a family…  We all came to learn about ourselves – what foods we can and can not tolerate with respect to training.

I’ve become very economical about how I prepare food, mostly with respect to time.  I will cook a batch that will last me a week, portioning as I need.  Variety suffers, as any would imagine.  But there’s a lot of value to me in foods that I can serve quickly.

Food for thought 😉

Farm Confessional: I Deliver CSA Veggies in Manhattan

I’m sick of produce.

I am so tired of royal purple heads of lettuce, tie-dye heirloom tomatoes, luscious ears of corn and speckled kabocha squash. Fan-like collard greens plague me and I do not want to discuss melon season. Every week during CSA season I haul 4,000 pounds of produce with my bare arms, and I’m seriously over it.

This is what life is like for a fruit and vegetable delivery girl in New York City.

Source: Farm Confessional: I Deliver CSA Veggies in Manhattan

Food Shopping Online?

Will going to the grocery store be history? How the online order and delivery business is reshaping our food economy.

Source: The Digitized, Home-Delivered Future Of Our Food Supply

Last I knew, everyone was watching AmazonFresh to see if it could be done.  But there have been grocery shopping and home delivery services provided by local chains for years for the injured and elderly.  I don’t see the supermarket going away, and it makes more sense to leverage their supply and storage than something like Amazon.